What Will The Future Of War Look Like?

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What Will The Future Of War Appear Like? By [https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Lance_Winslow/5306] Lance Winslow

As a Science Fiction, Future Modern Technology, as well as Military Technology author, I often get inquired about the future of battle. Interestingly enough, our future isn’t difficult to forecast 5-10 years out, but the more out you obtain the more difficult it is. The good news is, my batting standard in prediction is relatively robust, comparatively opposing various other self-proclaimed futurist types. Recently, I was interviewed on the subject and I feel my answer could be informing, disclosing and also upbeat, so, allow’s explore this for a moment shall we?

Recruiter Mr. Casillas asks; “Exactly how do you think wars will create in the future?”

There is a very good likelihood that people won’t have wars in the future, and before you call that statement naïve, I ‘d like to explain that every little thing I see is a progression in the direction of abundance, peace, success and also ascendance to a higher state of cognition with humanity totally actualized. I see future digital reality permitting the individual to develop options much past what is feasible today under our present way of living.

No, I am not a crazy New Age aspirant spiritual guru asking you to send me money and to follow me on Facebook, what I am saying is that individuals like Ray Kurzweil and also the Selfhood Institute have it primarily proper. No, their forecasts are not ideal and also of course, humankind will certainly fall down and get back up a few more times prior to we arrive, and also indeed, it will certainly cost us two times as much in the process, as well as take us 3-times as long to get there, but that’s where we are headed. Give it one more couple hundred years, as well as there won’t be any more battles.

One good thing about wars today is that wars are not killing countless individuals, most of the current battles have been surgical strikes, precision assaults on command and also control employees (or terrorist leaders), centers, or small groups with some collateral damage as well as civilian casualties however far less than previously. Smart bombs are better than the ‘drop them and forget about it’ bombs of the past.

My predictions on future wars, you ask? Well, let me take a stab at it based upon my researches. One difficulty we will certainly see in the future is robotic systems going out and eliminating entire human armies, after that we will see a worldwide arrangement to prohibit it since human populations will require that. After that we could see robots battling robotics, with the loser giving in to the argument that started the political impasse.

After that we will see countries agreeing to arbitrate by way of online battle pc gaming, multi-player Virtual Reality (digital reality) computer game. No person in fact dies, yet heroes (finest players of the game) are compensated by their civilizations with accolades.

Mankind will ultimately find out that “diversity is to be celebrated” (not forced) as well as with no scarcity worldwide due to progressing technology, there will certainly be so few points to eliminate over, and also wars will certainly seem like such a silly point that people made use of to do. And also, whereas, we people, even us human+ kinds appear to be innately territorial, we will certainly conquer this with our improved intellect and expertise, joining as one in a typical reason; to live or lives to the maximum as well as share our ventures with one-another. And like I claimed, I am not coming at this from a spiritual awakening, I am not into that stuff, it is simply where I see this all going, from whatever I research, check out as well as research study, it is the unavoidable future - and truly for our purpose, the quicker the better.

Directly, although weapon systems modern technology is a location I such as to think, and it is very awarded in today duration, I doubt that future humans or our enhanced selves will certainly spend a whole lot of time considering it. You see, there is a whole new world available, if we attempt to take it. I would certainly like you to believe on this, and also for today; Do not Wait - Be Great!

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Write-up Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?What-Will-The-Future-Of-War-Look-Like?&id=9669099] What Will The Future Of Battle Resemble?

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