Thought Is Energy - Its Relationship With Electro-Magnetic Radiation Explained

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Thought Is Energy - Its Relationship With Electro-Magnetic Radiation Explained By [https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Sathyanarayanan_Bhimarao/1904750] Sathyanarayanan Bhimarao

There are several theories to clarify the phenomenon of thought and also the processes in it. Not just humans, yet even plant additionally have procedure of believing No doubt, humans have the ability to make research study regarding thought process particularly regarding human thought. In our earlier post we thought about just how the human life is negation of gravitational forces. Now, we shall see how thought is power. If so, just how it is gotten in touch with electro-magnetic radiation

J.Krishnamurti, the great thinker-philosopher from India constantly keeps that idea is power. Massive energy is needed to negate any thought which is a solid proof that thought is a type of power. He also keeps that idea is of time. Hence time is also a type of power as well as different motions in time are modifications in power only. In this post, we will see just how this power is associated with the numerous elements of electro-magnetic radiation.

Researchers keep that man, in his body has a magnetic power in various proportions in his body. That is why some people are more eye-catching and also people just long to meet as well as speak with them. The idea waves of terrific seers immediately regulate people apart. I had such an experience when I saw a wonderful Saint from a range. I really felt as if I was lifted above the ground when the Saint stood. In the same way human body additionally has electrical power due to different energy supplied by the food we take. This is the foundation for the adhering to concept that man has actually electro magnetic radiation in the type of numerous ideas.

  1. Heat energy (Infra-red spectra).

The very first concern is ‘what is the source of energy constituting thought?’ No doubt, the development of physique occurs when the ovum is iced up with man’s sperms. For this some external energy is needed and also let us take that oxygen in the body gives that heat for cold. For this reason the standard demand for the birth of a living being is heat energy.

This warmth is required all along life. The food we take in offers the warmth as well as it maintains life going. Once the warm is lost, it called fatality as well as there is no motion.

For any living being one of the most standard demand is food for getting the heat needed for life. At some advanced age, the same heat energy provides need for sex and also the multiplication of numerous species takes place endlessly.

For this reason LIFE begins with the Infra-red part of the electro-magnetic spectrum. This is one of the most fundamental demand of any living being which crave for getting food for their survival.

The thought of all living beings are always focusing on these two standard demands 1. Food and 2. Sex. For some moment we shall put aside the discussion on sexual desires and focus on yearning for food. Food gives the needed energy in the form of warm. The character as well as the calibre of a person relies on the food he takes.

The thought also varies with the food he takes. Male favors to take the warmth power based on his demand which is why idea is contrasted to IR spectra. The location of its action is abdomen and also it is referred to as AGNI( Fire). This agni is constantly melting and offers essential power for the body. The extension of this fire is the sexuality. The success or failure of a living being relies on the performance with which it utilizes that energy.

  1. LIGHT.

Next comes LIGHT. The visual part of the energy spectra. Light, as well as ultra violet radiations are offered by SUNLIGHT, the daddy of our planetary system. Sun likewise provides food in the type of vitamins as well as the vital force for living. When we claim LIGHT, we have to always mention the relevance of vision. Eyesight is the direct result of Sunshine which turns on the inner microorganisms of the living body like ears and eyes. Therefore we will be able to acknowledge the duty of light around.

  1. X-Rays.

It might appear that human life makes use of just warmth as well as light for its existence which is not real. Some people have penetrating eyes which puncture through the psyche of the individual standing opposite to him. Like an X-ray studying the infra-structure of a crystal, a seer has the ability to review what is taking place in an additional man’s mind. So we can claim he is in property of X-rays in his thoughtful mind.


This is the most crucial and interesting element of this short article. We are aware that particular people have added common powers. They are thought about having some planetary power. They are able to emit power and therefore attract various other human beings. Seers like Ramana Maharishi are standing examples of such a cosmic power. They do not live the common life of a common man however live extra normal life which commoners will certainly not have the ability to comprehend.

Like any kind of other energy, thought (power) is likewise built up inside the body. All actions of a living being can be explained in regards to dissipation of idea energy. Such actions depend upon the demand of the body and also command of the brain.

To combine:.

  1. Food offers heat, and the power collected and also spent by way of idea and activity drops in Infra red range. We can not expect much light and also knowledge from them.

  2. Individuals who have vision both exterior as well as external, have exceptional power of light and also they will have the ability to throw even more light in all the issues they see. In fact, life itself is a representation of a master intelligent plan which is able to penetrate with room and also time and also see past also (fifth Concept of Holistic Approach). So this may be thought about Aesthetic area of the electro-magnetic range.

  3. Some individuals have the ability to permeate through other males’s hearts and also inform what is running in their minds. Such people have X-Ray mind and they have the ability to see past issue therefore this element of thought can be identified as X-Ray area of the range.

  4. There are seers that have in them, massive planetary powers and also spread smart radiations to make sure that individuals around them will certainly get huge bliss. That facet of life autumn in planetary ray classification.

Thus we can see different areas of the electro-magnetic radiation are spread out in human body in various proportions. It is delegated the private to learn which part of the range he has more, which he is in need to operate and act appropriately.

It might be noted that only Infra-red part calls for a lot more food as well as is straight symmetrical to the energy web content (depending upon one’s health like digestive power) whereas in other portion food is to be lowered and also psychological and also moral power are to be attracted by Yoga exercise, meditation and also various other personal moral techniques.

I conclude this write-up by informing that no empirical evidence was given in support of the above derivations. Yet such proof might be readily available and also might be gotten from different recommendations. Viewers who have who have extra Light power content may bring such referrals, that have even more X-ray components may make research on the subject and who have cosmic powers may give such knowledge to others.

Dr Sathyanarayanan Bhimarao is a multi-faceted individuality. He is M.Sc (Physics) from Annamalai University. He obtained Ph.D is psychological therapy in HIV/AIDS. He is an author from a very young age. He has actually written several short articles, short stories and plays which were released in popular publications. He is an author in the subjects of Viewpoint as well as scientific research. He is the founder of Holistic Approach Culture and is carrying out several workshops on Physics and Ideology. He is releasing a Tamil as well as an English magazines with several functions like narratives, plays and posts.

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