Humanity - Our Forbidden Extra-Terrestrial Past

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Humanity - Our Forbidden Extra-Terrestrial Past By [https://EzineArticles.com/expert/John_Cowie/889317] John Cowie

I kept a document of my first-hand experiences in the interesting young semiconductor industry.

It is incredible how little we know about the key players and great minds of the amazing leaders of the Semiconductor Revolution. Without them there would certainly be no computer and also in turn no human genome, satellite interaction, room expedition, a huge selection of inventions with multi billion pound markets and also naturally one of the most significant - the Internet.

However as I enjoyed the fantastic advancement of the transistor and the common ‘silicon chip’ which has actually changed our world, I began to link these amazing envisionary accomplishments with the human brain. Normal trips past Silbury Hill triggered me to think about where our exceptional knowledge came from and so started an investigation into the enigmatic Silbury Hill in connection with our very early anthropology and amazing evolution.

Why does the establishment desire us to think that Silbury Hill is nothing greater than a chalk mound when they recognize there is far more to this old structure?

Why are we so creative contrasted to our nearby relative the African Primate? Could a monkey, who shares 98.4% of our heredity, in the next 10,000 years have the ability to style, develop and also drive a car? I think this is really possible however just with some help from us!

Were the seeds of mankind the outcome of some extra-terrestrial testing with our Homo sapiens ancestors in our ancient past? Were we helped to inadvertently develop the ‘World of the Homo sapiens” when an ancient civilisation established by extra-terrestrials was ruined through some significant international disaster around 10,500 years earlier?

Presently, our understanding of mankind is determined by Creationism, roughly equal to the initial 2 chapters of the Book of Genesis. Creationism requires blind belief and numerous religions/faiths developed from this biblical resource.

After that came Jesus, the son of God one of a long list of son of God. Then a person had the great concept of paradise and hell. This made the Church exceptionally well-off and powerful, with the concept of absolution, confession as well as use of the Inquisition which lasted over 600 years and also we are still feeling its influence today !!

Science was ever existing yet the time was right in 1859 for Darwin to publish his concepts on development additionally shaped our ideas on Humankind via Darwinism.

After that came the suggestion of Intelligent Style to battle the increasing clinical arguments. Basicallyit supports Creationism and exists as scientific research, and shares other debates with creationism yet prevents literalBiblical references to such things as the Flooding from guide of Genesisor using Scriptures knowledgeables to mature the Planet.

As well as also the ever before existing ‘Nature v Nurture’ debate.


Why has this inquiry been suppressed or perhaps prohibited over time?

It is not a new inquiry as well as has been explored with the generations. Nevertheless it was stated in the Holy bible as smartly portrayed in Monty Pythons movie “Life of Brian’ which not surprisingly was prohibited by the Church!

We have been with one of the most phenomenal madness. Something has gone drastically wrong in our History. A horrible lot of psychotics have actually ruled the world.

It would seem that a person doesn’t want us to explore our additional - terrestrial previous! A past that would disclose just exactly how brilliant all of us are and exactly how we have been adjusted by Elites via the centuries.

So, initially we need to become aware there are Elites’ among us. They and their ancestors had actually found in our distant previous exactly how to adjust and also manage our collective subconscious minds by playing mostly on our anxieties and also greed. This has actually developed their ongoing success!

They are most likely to have actually evolved from a long line of secret societies - Knights Templar, Freemasonry, etc., bent on preserving the remains of a master race from the extra-terrestrial colonisation of Earth some 13,000 years earlier.

To discover this basic question we need to recognize a simplified design of our different frame of minds.

Aware state.

Now - in the moment. The Minute of Selection, sometimes powerful moments of selection - Marriage/Divorce, career modification, house action … When the transitory split second passes the mindful gets on the sub aware. The sleep procedure enables our data to be kept logically?

Sub Aware

Forgotten memories from our life expectancy in the world set off by an event can move sub mindful fleetingly back to the conscious state of mind - for example conference a college close friend you haven’t seen for many years and also sharing old experiences.

Nevertheless our subconscious is open to control, from straightforward as well as relatively harmless mind video games, e.g., being advised about the lake to the left of the fairway just as you are about to play your shot, sledging in cricket, and so on. These instances demonstrate how our thinking process can be conveniently interfered with as well as just how with the powers of concentration these ideas can be dismissed from the mind.

Yet there is a more threatening danger to our subconscious via very significant specialist psycho therapists employed by an incredibly rich and also powerful team among us ruling the world - I have identified them ‘Elites’. Their objective is to make themselves much more effective by discovering methods of taking your riches and also jeopardizing your health.

Elites are absolutely fierce as well as not worried concerning people being eliminated in wars started by them or through cigarette, medications, convenience food, and so on

. Edward Bernays (Freud’s nephew) played a large part in establishing these Public Connection as well as Publicity Methods at the beginning of the last century by exploiting our subconscious to get us to acquire items from companies sponsored by the Elites.

One of Bernays success stories was the cigarette industry. Smoking cigarettes would provide us a tough picture if a guy, or if a lady would certainly make us extravagant and also independent - greatly promoted by the Black & White movies of the day!! Film moguls such as Howard Hughes had large monetary rate of interest in promoting the growing tobacco sector through their movies, although there was absolutely no benefits to us through smoking!!

Present culprits - still the cigarette industry, now closely complied with by the just as harmful treat as well as pharmaceutical markets)! (“ The pleasant you can consume between dishes without ruining your appetite” - no you can not !!).


It is tough when we are continuously being pestered by propaganda and various other rubbish in papers, TELEVISION programmes, peer groups, ‘professionals’ (Doctors, Psychologists, Lawyers, Clergy, etc), and so on

. BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR IF STILL POSSIBLE, (over 60% of the fatalities videotaped in the US were to person medications and also tablet computers). The pharmaceutical business, sustained by several doctors don’t actually care about your health and wellness - like the cigarette market.

Psycho therapists advertise our indulgence of thinking - we often believe way too much however they will make you think even more - overlook and also simply maintain grinning!!

Lawyers will certainly make an easy divorce settlement a disaster!

The Church- why exist many woman Catholics thinking about exactly how terribly they have been treated via the centuries? Christmas - we succumb to it annually!

Political leaders - we already understand how greedy and corrupt they are. Puppets to the Elites! Is an absence of rate of interest in electing a sign we are starting to see through the rudderless populism of puppet political leaders? At the next general political election should we have a box on the tally type labelled ‘Pointless’? As it is very not likely such a selection will be readily available, simply do not vote!

Remember we don’t live in a democracy, you do not need to look unfathomable to see how Blair took us right into a battle with IRAQ that the majority really did not desire and also when it comes to fracking!!!

When the American political leaders were losing the American public rate of interest in going to war with IRAQ, a tale unexpectedly showed up in The Wall surface Road Journal that Saddam’s soldiers were eliminating babies in Lower Mesopotamia. Instantly public opining changed to sustain the dreadful battle of Baghdad despite the fact that the story was later shown to have been produced - however it accomplished the outcome of branding Saddam Hussein a monster. The actual child killers became Shrub & Blair !! They did an actually great task for the Elites developing big ongoing discontent on the planet that was totally unneeded!

The general public don’t such as war so why is the protection of Globe Battle 1 going means over the top. Lots of cash as well as control to be made in war. So easy to destabilise a peaceful situation! So simple to play on our concerns by giving an adversary! Anticipating Visualisation - subliminal mind games - so we approve the real thing when it comes along! Particularly connected to battle!!

The economic dilemma brought on by the credit score crunch where lots of financiers as well as bankers ran off with millions if not billions of bucks. But relatively the ‘Elites’ would certainly have us believe that the financial dilemma was triggered by solitary moms and advantage cheats!

One of the most significant of all Elites rip-offs was the introduction of cash to change bartering and good will. Their slow-moving stealth-like approach to introducing their financial system warranty’s that the majority of us today are servants to the Elites. It is currently very difficult to envision a globe without money - but is a money-free culture feasible? The Inca Realm as well as several various other cultures seem to have actually managed it! It seems that trust as well as generosity are essential ingredients in such a culture! Some of us today, a choose few, appear to be able to live everyday life without money - has anybody seen the Queen rummaging about in a bag?

Several of us who stand up to the irons of making use of a system that makes use of an easy paper that “Debenture the holder as needed the sum of - the value written on the note”, are labelled ‘underclass’ ‘new age’ ‘primitive’. Clearly ‘daily grind’ is not one of their tags.

Ecologists have been scammed by the Airline company Sector (Elites) in much the same method as we were deceived by the Cigarette sector. Our world is being zigzagged with over 58,000 flight courses used daily and with much of the planes flying empty to maintain their routes. To place the fuel consumption into point of view, a single trip from London to New York takes in much more fuel than utilized by all Formula 1 autos during a Grand Prix season !! Countless gallons of nonrenewable fuel sources are transformed by jet engines right into pollutants and also released right into our ambience daily evidently with no greenhouse effect!! However the Ozone layer depletion and pollution is our mistake for utilizing spray can and coal terminated power!

With pensioners dying since they are unable to spend for the substantial boosts in home heating costs, relatively it is not the mistake of the energy business’ cartel, no it’s your fault for trying to stop fracking!!

Subliminal advertising messages e.g. utilized in Music Videos (supposed to be unlawful) additionally utilized thoroughly.

Provide a flag, a nationwide anthem, Queen/King and Country, an adversary as well as they will certainly adhere to like sheep!!

Watch just how the Elites manipulate/persuade us that Charles and also Camilla will make a remarkable King and also Queen !!

Also interesting to see how they will make use of all their powers as well as affect to control and destabilise the democratic YES elect Scottish Independence. If Scotland ballots YES, it will be a really pleasurable shock and a step in the right direction for humanity. Nevertheless, Scotland will need to be brave to manage the retribution which the ‘Elites’ will most certainly dispense unless the break-up of the UK is what they truly want!?

Why is it that any person exploring this interesting extra-terrestrial inquiry is classified a ‘crackpot’? In the past it would have been a great deal worse.

It is fascinating how the Elites provide the facility (their facility) positive ‘labels’ - archaeologists, Egyptologists, palaeontologist, bishop, and so on. Free thinkers are labelled by them as witches (they were the NHS registered nurses and also midwives of their day), apostates, misfits, crackpots, brand-new age, aware objectors/cowards, and so on, which create a prompt unfavorable impression of the person prior to he/she opens their mouth!

So it is time to play them at their own video game. I am going to grow an alternate label in your subconscious to define the traditional excavator as well as Egyptologist who pontificate there long established lazy, careless suggestions bied far to them by some just as lazy/sloppy professor, normally from the very same college. The brand-new tag for these men is CLING-ON.

Possibly providing this tag will be a wakeup call? Will it bring the facility academics out of their ivory towers? Allow’s figure out.

Play them at their own game by overlooking their control and publicity, even if it implies doing without!

Understand just how the Elites adjust our subconscious and beat them at their very own game.


However it is hard as the Elites are fierce and also conveniently prepared to put the destabilisation propaganda as well as ‘dirty tricks’ departments right into full speed!!

It’s not always simple understanding when our subconscious is being controlled. When I stop hopping on my soap boxes, I understand I’m winning.

So, what would happen if we took control of ourselves, if we didn’t elect at the next election, if we really did not review Rupert Murdock biased papers or turned off the TELEVISION publicity news programmes? Well, they would have to change - and also surely it couldn’t be any even worse?

Remember our states of mind are likewise cumulative. Once again this collective subconscious can be controlled by the ‘Elites’ surrounding it with their manipulative ideas of faiths, politics, nationalism, and so on, and also surrounding our inner core - our individuality!

The fact that across the world, cultures, religions etc., we can delight in the very same piece of music, a football match, a joke. I think this highlights a commonness of our beginnings, a solitary area and point in time where humanisation started!

We need to believe “Anything is possible” as highlighted in sport - sport transcends.


I began to write a book in the mid 90’s based upon my first-hand experiences in the amazing young semiconductor sector.

But as I watched the impressive advancement of the transistor as well as the ubiquitous ‘silicon chip’ which has revolutionised our world, I began to link these extraordinary envisionary achievements with the human mind. Routine journeys past Silbury Hill motivated me to think about where our understanding originated from and so began an examination right into the enigmatic Silbury Hillside in connection with our very early sociology and also impressive development, bring about the publication of my book Silbury Dawning: The Alien Site Visitor Gene Concept.

Why does the facility desire us to believe that Silbury Hill is nothing greater than a chalk pile when they already recognize there is much more to this ancient structure? Is it possible that Silbury Hill was a witness to our extra-terrestrial past and also at the dawning of mankind?

More background information on this write-up can be found in my publication Silbury Dawning: The Alien Site Visitor Genetics Concept and also links to my recorded talks related to this article can be discovered on my internet site at http://www.SilburyDawning.com.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Humanity—Our-Forbidden-Extra-Terrestrial-Past&id=8686884] Humankind - Our Forbidden Extra-Terrestrial Past.

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