Frank J. Tipler- The Omega Point Resurrection

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Frank J. Tipler: The Omega Factor Rebirth By [https://EzineArticles.com/expert/John_Prytz/784091] John Prytz

According to Frank Tipler, one of the most essential of basics, the most divine of holies, is that all that he proposes (rebirth, an afterlife, eternal life) is predetermined by the legislations of physics, no more as well as no much less.

So what does Frank Tipler postulate? His basic premise is that life (including you and also me), the Universe as well as whatever will certainly be reanimated to the quantum level in what Tipler calls the Final Selfhood or the Omega Factor. This has nothing to do with religious mumbo-jumbo however expressible in the hardcore language of, and in the legislations of physics. This is the supreme objective of the cosmos which created human knowledge which in turn will certainly reanimate the universes (and all it ever did and also does include) at the Omega Factor.

Frank Tipler starts with the legislations of physics that will certainly require that organic intelligence (definition people) will venture out right into deep space, and also humans, being human beings, will certainly remake the Universe much more to their liking. It’s a kind of super-sizing of Genesis 1: 28. Human intelligence will take control over the entire Universe which would certainly appear to make us an unavoidable Kind 4 Civilization (which no astrobiologist has actually ever before proposed, a Type 3 being the theoretical highest possible, one which has domain over a whole galaxy). That human beings will certainly evolve into a Type 4 World, well that’s a rather huge ask and certainly not foreseeable according to any laws of physics I recognize. For comparison, astrobiologists identify our modern-day world as regarding Type 0.7, so we have a long, long way to go. The potential fly in the lotion is that mankind might simply go kaput way before we come within shouting distance of accomplishing even Type 1 or Kind 2 standing.

Actually, what they (our descendants) will do, according to Tipler’s laws of physics, is halt the ever increasing expansion of deep space, reversing this right into a World that starts having causing a Large Crunch, or as Frank Tipler calls it, the Final Singularity or Omega Factor. Regarding I can figure out, the legislations of physics call for no such obligatory astro-engineering for knowledge in the universes. Frank Tipler doesn’t explain why he proposes this unpreventable development that emerges out of the legislations of physics. IMHO, if there is one point that can not be anticipated as emergent sensations from the physical sciences, it is practices and intent, human or pet.

Anyway, one has to have the presently ever increasing Cosmos beginning to contract, or else there can be no Last Singularity, no Omega Factor and also therefore no resurrection of anything or any person.

However wait, perhaps ET wants deep space to keep expanding, so are we going to have a Star Wars over whether deep space permanently broadens or not? Certainly no doubt Frank Tipler would suggest that ET would likewise want to turn around deep space’s expansion, yet then offered the age of the universes, and that advanced technical ET human beings should have been strutting their things for aeons, why don’t we see any kind of evidence of ET’s astro-engineering the Universe to bring about tightening and also an eventual Last Singularity?

According to Frank Tipler, the outside of the Singularity is beyond room and also time (a nonsense as well as totally indefinable and also unsubstantiated concept if ever there was one) yet the within the Singularity is within space and also time because we are on the within as well as we are within space and also inside time.

The principle of being beyond time as well as area is unscientific pseudo-science, scrap science, and also not proven. The principle is so bad that it’s not also incorrect. It doesn’t should have even that much self-respect.

Quite besides that, the Singularity is a physical impossibility where the legislations of physics break down right into what one can call pure bovine fertilizer. Taken to its rational extension, a Singularity should have absolutely no volume and infinite density. Nevertheless, that’s not just real nonsense yet theoretical rubbish. Frank Tipler should know that! Tipler’s priceless legislations of physics dismiss the actual framework he calls for.

Frank Tipler also corresponds the Initial Selfhood (the Big Bang event with absolutely no info material) with the Final Singularity (which is also termed the Omega Point which has infinite info material). Tipler’s god is the ‘god’ of physics but his (First and Final) Singularities of Physics correspond to what others describe the God of Faith. It’s just that the excellent unwashed recognize the language of faith however not the language of physics so individuals who believe in the God of Theology in fact truly count on the ‘god’ of physics yet are ignorant of that.

Then, Tipler postulates that current advances in computer systems are such that our human descendants will certainly be able to create computers that hold information and simulate points with ever before as well as ever before higher realism which will inevitably result in a Mother of All Computers that will enable the Mother of All Simulations. That Mom of All Simulations will certainly contain every one of the past and also present info or expertise content of the Universe, which is as near to infinity - otherwise infinity - as makes no chances. The development of computer power will certainly be such that it can simulate, that is reanimate anything and whatever consisting of every human that has actually ever lived down to the quantum degree so there will be no doubt that when you are reanimated as a simulation you will have outright link to the you that actually existed means back when. Your sense of self, of identification, will certainly continue to be undamaged. Keep in mind that according to Tipler’s laws of physics, human beings will certainly construct this Mommy of All Computers, evidently out of slim air, yet definitely not because any type of laws of physics is compeling the problem.

This all of a sudden morphing of the Mother of All Computers that will certainly resurrect life, the Universe as well as every little thing by replicating all life (past as well as present), all of deep space (past and also present) and also every little thing that is or ever before was - in 100% perfect information down to the quantum degree isn’t sufficiently clarified. Precisely where this Mom of All Computer systems will certainly originate from if humans stop working to construct it isn’t described. Possibly ET will develop it! Tipler’s legislations of physics clarify all. But IMHO, the regulations of physics don’t construct computers or need people develop computers; they just enable them to exist.

Possibly I’m missing an essential point below, yet if a computer system is going to have the ability to replicate the whole material of the Universe down to the most fundamental of degrees, after that the computer system will need to be the dimension of the Universe! Better, simulations require to be programmed and that would certainly mean that the human designers would have to be all-knowing to produce a simulation identical to all that was and also is. Maybe I’m missing Tipler’s boat again, but if it’s called the Titanic, well possibly that’s not a bad thing.

To duplicate, Frank Tipler urges that the legislations of physics definitely determine that this circumstance, that we will certainly be revived and also reanimated together with a New Earth as a computer system simulation in the end times which is the Last Singularity which in turn calls for a having World. This will certainly happen with 100% certainty.

I don’t understand if Tipler has a psychoanalyst yet if so, he must put that individual on greater (risk money) wage remuneration. IMHO Tipler is a couple of quarks short of a proton. Neither am I alone in such a point of view. Actually Tipler has actually been bucketed by his peers. Even a quick scan of Tipler’s entrance on Wikipedia reveals such peer evaluated opinions of Tipler as being a “crackpot” and also a physicist who participates in pseudo-science. Tipler’s Omega Factor resurrection circumstance has been phrased by his coworkers as a “masterpiece of pseudo-science’; a “most severe instance of uncritical as well as dubious arguments took into print by a smart specialist scientist”; “entirely outrageous”; “pure supposition”; “many defects and also missing proofs”; “very conjectural”; “unproven”; “unlikely”; as well as “pseudo-scientific eschatology”.

Now this hostility is instead weird if as Frank Tipler claims, all he proposes follows of necessity from the laws of physics. If it were this cut and dried out, this inevitable, his theory would certainly adhere to regardless of what other physicist crunched the numbers. All other physicists would certainly reach the exact same verdict as Frank Tipler did much like all physicists will come up with “42” if asked to compute what “7 times 6” is. All physicists have accessibility to the exact same legislations of physics, yet just Frank Tipler generates the Omega Point resurrection as being certainly derived from those legislations. Tiper’s theory ought to be conventional and global in all physics texts yet to the very best of my understanding no physics text includes the Omega Point resurrection as common concern (like Newtonian gravity). That indicates that no physicist embraces Tipler’s viewpoint. If I were Frank Tipler, I ‘d claim that something is screwy somewhere and that something is Frank Tipler himself.

I’m not sure where Tipler got his scholastic bona-fides in physics from, I instead think from inside a cereal box. Okay, that’s a bit rough given that he is a teacher of mathematical physics as Tulane University in New Orleans, but he definitely never took a program in Logic 101, or if he did, he really did not pass it! I’m no follower of faith and faith and also the notion of mythological divine beings and eschatology, however such approaches make more sense than Tipler’s legislations of physics variation IMHO.

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Scientific research librarian; retired.

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