Cancer, Ancient Atomic Mathematics and the Science-Art of Quantum Biology

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Cancer Cells, Ancient Atomic Mathematics and also the Science-Art of Quantum Biology By [https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Robert_Pope/678033] Robert Pope

As is typically understood, the search of joy ideal was integrated into the standard layout of the Constitution of the USA of America. Remarkably, no person seems to understand why as well as just how that happened. Scholars recognized it had something to do with a message from ancient Egypt’s ‘Eye of Horus’, shown on top of a pyramid as part of the Great Seal of America. They also knew that this all-seeing eye message had been linked to the work of the Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, who had researched political ethics in old Egypt.

Some thought that the message could relate to a happiness of obtaining riches through mechanical industrialisation. Nevertheless, the exploration of quantum biology during the 21st Century demonstrated that a much better potential riches exists within brand-new modern technologies able to harness the previously unknown natural buildings of carbon, belonging to human life forms. The old procurement of wealth, derived from a mechanical state of mind, is currently well identified as being the reason for a future unsustainable cancer causing presence on earth Earth. Within Science-Art research, mankind has a natural non-mechanical organization with Einstein’s protege, David Bohm’s holographic world.

The initial Science-Art discovery of a holographic living pressure happened late in the 20th Century, as well as transpired by rejoining scientific research with creative sensations. This unification led to the discovery of brand-new physics laws controling optimal seashell development and development through space-time. These physics legislations show up to belong to the ancient math regulating the political values installed right into the ‘quest of happiness’ concept. The world’s biggest technological institute, IEEE in Washington, reprinted this clinical innovation as one of the crucial optics explorations of the 20th Century, positioning it alongside such names as Louis Pasteur and also Sir Francis Crick.

This historical occasion was fused right into quantum biology study concept, by the receivers of the 2010 Gorgio Napolitano Medal, awarded in behalf of the Republic of Italy for their quantum organic physics and also chemistry discoveries. The second exploration was that some artists throughout background had subconsciously depicted hidden stereoscopic, holographic images, in their paintings. While new innovations have created limitless fractal reasoning strategies to produce such photos, prevailing science stays totally unconcerned to the truth that the human mind can produce them. This is one example of the mathematician, Cantor’s monitoring, that the attitude of modern scientific research is inhabited by an abnormal worry of infinity, rejecting Newton’s initial concepts of imaginative gravitational force by substituting the foolish falling apple misconception in its location.

In order to give a brief summary of this interesting, yet really questionable story, a historical description appears to be required. Pythagoras’ research study was a forerunner to the Platonic custom of ancient Greek mathematical culture. That practice fused additionally ethical concepts into Egyptian honest atomic mathematics, in order to invent ethical science during the third Century BC. The Egyptian math was about the purpose of spiritual geometry within unnoticeable atoms, to make little seeds from which kinds of life throughout deep space arised. During the Egyptian 2nd Kingdom, their spiritual geometric logic, worrying justice, compassion and mercy, had actually been fused into political regulation, and later on copied by other civilisations, to legalise the building and construction of hospitals as well as plans of caring for the aged.

The founding papas of the problematic American Autonomous system of politics attempted to develop a higher honest, scientific, political system from ancient Greek science. However, the Christian Church, during the 4th Century AD, had stated the pagan math to be the job of the Adversary. Saint Augustine had improperly translated the residential property of shapeless mayhem within the atom, as being the wickedness of female sexuality. He associated the math with the mechanistic prayer of Ishtar, the Babylonian Siren of hooking and also battle. Nevertheless, this was not the maths that the Great Collection of Alexandria was establishing at the time. Nonetheless its Science-Art scrolls were ruined by rioting Christian fans.

The linking of the Egyptian search of happiness concept to quantum organic cancer research, during the 21st Century, was plainly predicted by the mathematician, Georg Cantor. Birthed in 1845, Cantor created his boundless mathematical theories from the ancient Greek ethical science, stemmed from earlier Egyptian atomic maths. His job is currently basic to contemporary clinical science. Nonetheless, Cantor’s ability to intuit the future discovery of Mandelbrot’s boundless fractal logic, welcomed suggestions that dominating Christian oriented science, finds completely incomprehensible.

Cantor knew that Aristotle was a central number in the Platonic tradition of approach and checked out the mathematical concept maintaining his research into the search of happiness idea. Aristotle had actually linked the pursuit of joy to a future science, to assist ennobling federal government for the wellness of deep space. This idea was certainly regarding a future clinical science, using spiritual geometrical logical ideas, past the restrictions of our dominating science, which considers that the only universal energy around streams from warm to chilly. Cantor saw that the living process reached infinity, in contradiction to this global heat fatality idea, which condemns all life to eventual termination. This global warmth death penalty became clinically irrevocable after Charles Darwin used it as the basis of his evolutionary theory. Later, Einstein proclaimed that this entropic regulation controlled all facets of scientific research, including political, economic and medical.

When the of the American Constitution attempted to bring Aristotle’s political vision into fact they specified the moral idea of liberty inaccurately. Freedom embracing the search of joy within a clinical science for universal wellness was assumed to obey Sir Isaac Newton’s nonemotional laws controling the functions of his mechanical world. The Founding Daddies, uninformed of Newton’s even more natural, extensive theory of gravitation, mistakenly based the idea of freedom only upon his mechanical description of deep space. Newton published his unfamiliar concept at the threat of being scorched active by order of the Church. He insisted that gravitational pressure was a non-mechanical spiritual force developing emotional consciousness within an unlimited world. As an outcome of publishing that point of view he was held by the Church to be criminally ridiculous, as well as endured a mental breakdown for which he was hospitalised.

Newton was probably mindful that his contemporary, the philosopher of scientific research, Giordano Bruno, had been locked up by the Church in Rome, tortured, then charred active for teaching concerning the moral Greek scientific research at Oxford College. Newton’s published heretical gravitational concept was featured in his 28th Inquiry Discussions in the 2nd version of his well-known journal, Opticks, as any person can easily validate. Also, his unpublished Heresy Papers and also copies of his exclusive letters, written during the height of his genius, demonstrate that Newton was not crazy when he released his spiritual concept of gravity. Newton most definitely did not think that fact was regulated by the functioning of a clockwork cosmos, as modern-day quantum mechanics science had incorrectly assumed.

The Enchanting era, from concerning 1800 to 1850, contained an imaginative, literary and thoughtful motion, which wrongly condemned Newton for advertising drab concepts of scientific research. The motion was oblivious that his first physics concepts actually linked gravity with the living process, stemmed from old Greek Platonic scientific research. William Blake, the poet and also musician, in addition to various other principle numbers of the Charming period, held Newton in ridicule. They had actually not know that Immanuel Kant, 1724-1804, among the most significant thinkers of scientific research in the history of Western approach, had provided electro-magnetic buildings to Newton’s concept of psychological gravitational pressure. They were likewise unaware of the clinical insights of the poet, Alexander Pope, that had been greatly commended by Kant for his understanding of ancient Greek approach.

Alexander Pope is considered one of the greatest English poets of the eighteenth century. His well-known ‘Essay on Man’ included 4 components. The initial Epistle, had to do with male’s area in deep space; Epistle II, was worried about the individual person; Epistle III related to man within human culture governed by political frameworks; and also Epistle IV with the political perfect of the pursuit of happiness.

Alexander Pope’s idea of an honest infinite global function can be seen to be compatible to Newton’s theory of gravitational force, progressing ethical psychological consciousness within an infinite cosmos. Einstein customized Newton’s concept of light and also later on altered it to give even more credence to Newton’s initial concept. Some scholars have actually considered that Alexander Pope’s linking of Newton’s concept of light to an unlimited honest function, from the point of view of Kantian pure logic, clarifies why Immanuel Kant thought about Alexander Pope to be a fantastic genius. Pope’s ideas were popular to the leaders of the electromagnetic Golden Age of Danish Science.

In 2002, Harvard University as well as Massachusetts University held an international seminar to tell the world of the social importance of the message of the electromagnetic Danish Golden era of Science. They kept in mind that its vital message had been written mainly in Danish and not translated, making it unnoticeable to English speaking scholarship. However, Immanuel Kant, a leading personality of that Golden era, had actually composed that the English poet, Alexander Pope, had actually offered the old Greek theories a creative expression. The originator of the magnetic field, Hans Christian Oersted and his coworker, Friedrich Schelling, were additionally principle figures of the Golden Age. Their very own Science-Art theories gave credence to Newton’s first principles, needed for the healthy and balanced and also honest advancement of mankind. Their concepts have been connected with Alexander Pope’s growth of a comparable principle.

Georg Cantor’s mathematical logic condemned the suggestion that all life in the universe need to be damaged after its warmth had actually radiated away into cool room. This global warm death regulation just contradicted his exploration of mathematical infinity, which he had connected to the development of life. His job, attacked by a lot of the globe’s leading mathematicians, caused his final thought that the scientific mind was inhabited by a primitive, nearsighted fear of infinity. The service to this emotionally stressful, carcinogenic situation can be easily obtained in the light of advanced quantum biology cancer research study. However it needs a much more extensive understanding about Aristotle’s principle of a clinical science needed to assist ennobling government.

A very first step is to produce proof that this senseless scientific worry of infinity does exist. Modern scientific research knows extremely well that an unlimited fractal logic exists, yet it is not able to enable fractals to be component of the living procedure as it is obsessed with its wrongly assumed thermodynamic termination. This is totally illogical since the performance of the particle of feeling has actually been identified, beyond a shadow of a doubt, as following unlimited fractal logic.

A second step is to describe Sir Isaac Newton’s firm conviction that deep space is infinite. His initial concepts of gravitational force were not mechanical however belonged to the ancient Nerd emotional atomistic science, as stated over. Whether or not this was a criminally insane thinking, as claimed by the Church, is of no importance. Isaac Newton most definitely did not advocate a mechanical clockwork-like cosmos. For that reason, Einstein’s mentioning that the mechanical heat death legislation was the premier legislation of all the sciences, specifically political, financial and clinical financial scientific researches, were based upon false presumptions. Isaac Newton composed that such a pompous clinical very first concept logic would certainly contaminate scientific ideology, equally as the mathematician, Cantor, uncovered when he researched the beginnings of the idea of the pursuit of happiness.

In advanced quantum biology cancer cells research Einstein’s powers of mechanical quantum mayhem are entangled with an additional universal energy, referred to as Shannon-Weiner info energy, which does not move from warm to cool. The 1937 Nobel Laureate, Szent-Gyorgyi, noted that failing to visualise that consciousness progressed via such a power entanglement showed a primitive mindset associated with malignant growth as well as development.

Guide ‘Phantoms in the Mind’, created by V.S Ramachandran M.D., Ph.D., and Sandra Blakeslee, about how the brain works, was really extremely well-known by Nobel Laureate, Francis Crick Ph.D.,. Within guide, mention is made of the psychological condition known as anosognosia, concerning which virtually absolutely nothing is recognized. The inquiry is increased as to why this affliction must exist when it appears detrimental to our survival. Anosognosis can be considered to present a model of denial that the mathematician, Georg Cantor, called existing within the scientific mind, as a blind fear of infinity.

The human survival message contained in ‘Phantoms in the Mind’ is so sophisticated that it can be taken into consideration to easily relate to fixing the existing extinction fascination occupying the contemporary clinical mind. The funding to accomplish this goal will originate from a new understanding of first cause cancer cells research study concepts as well as this will be made possible by rejoining the society of art with the culture of scientific research. That project has actually been openly categorized by leading quantum biologists in Europe as being the renewal of the lost initial Greek scientific research - the 21st Century Renaissance.

Quantum biology cancer study not just addresses this human survival problem yet can be attended be the foundation whereupon an omni human survival modern technology can be built. This innovation was plainly alluded to by the champ of American freedom, Ralph Waldo Emerson, throughout Georg Cantor’s life time. Emerson resembled Cantor’s concern that an association of infinite mathematical reasoning with human advancement was not tolerated within the American scientific mind. His logic suggested that limitless Sanskrit mathematics, leading to a truly autonomous technical culture, had been forbidden, due to the fact that commercial mechanical greed had actually shackled the minds of the American people to deny its really existence. He blamed this phenomenon upon America having actually inherited a false mechanical, mathematical worldview from ancient Babylonian culture.

The 1957 the New York College of Science Library released a publication qualified ‘Babylonian Misconception and Modern Science’ which stated that Einstein had developed his concept of relativity from the user-friendly mythical maths of old Babylon. Inadvertently, Einstein’s wonderful genius was just regarding the mechanical functioning of deep space, which can now be efficiently modified via its complexity with the details powers of quantum biology. Reference to ancient Mesopotamian cultures brings about an unreal tale of exactly how and also why the mental illness of anosognosis resulted in modern-day scientific research worshipping the concept of human termination. The prayer of Einstein’s warm fatality legislation, punishing mankind to extinction, was the one that the mathematician, Lord Bertrand Russell, advocated in his most well-known essay, ‘A Freeman’s Worship’. Both Russell and Einstein were awarded Nobel Prizes for their mechanistic, entropic worldview concepts.

The Pyramid Messages found by Gaston Maspero in 1881 were about the sophisticated sacred geometrical function within invisible atoms, illustrated by the Egyptian god Atum. The god proclaimed, from the dark abyss of first disorder ‘Allow there be light’, centuries before the Hebrew and Christian religious beliefs came into being. Atum decided that all developed life would ultimately return back into the initial state of mayhem, which modern science now accepts as being unpreventable.

Throughout the regime of Pharaoh Akhenaten the numerous Egyptian gods were rejected and also the prayer of one god, the sun god, Ra, was developed. That period was brief as well as Akhenaten’s city, constructed to honour Ra, promptly fell under ruin. During the reign of Ramses the Great, the Egyptian religion governing political regulation adhered to the trainings of the Goddess, Maat, in which people could end up being never-ceasing within a limitless universe. The geometric logic of the unlimited Egyptian mathematics was more created by Greek scholars, such as Thales throughout the 6th Century BC as well as Pythagoras in the fifth Century BC. The Platonic practice of Greek approach utilized the honest atomic mathematics to create ethical science in the 3rd Century BC. The Greeks defined gravity as a psychological whirling force acting on primitive fragments in space, to make the worlds spin as well as create harmonic understanding to guide the advancement of ethical, emotional thought.

In 2008, The Times Literary Supplement consisted of ‘The Two Cultures as well as the Scientific Change’ by C P Snow in its listing of the 100 publications that a lot of influenced Western public discourse because the Second World Battle. It is crucial that we now regard the warning by the molecular biologist, Sir C P Snow, during his 1959 Reid Lecture at Cambridge University, that unless science and also art are again rejoined, regardless of modern-day science’s primitive belief in the global warmth fatality termination regulation, after that civilisation will certainly be damaged. [http://www.science-art.com.au] Professor Robert Pope is the Supervisor of the Science-Art Research Study Centre of Australia, Uki, NSW, Australia. The Center’s purpose is to initiate a second Renaissance in science and also a