I do not want to argue of course, instead focus on the real issue. You should accept it as pure truth and make it working as advertised. I did further testing and can confirm that things work with 32 bit Windows and drivers: This is exactly why I asked a developer report – which designed exactly to verify the detectuibs, check possible errors reported by the contoller, generally investigate what can be wrong and how things can be still improved. This is true for other RAID controllers eg. Raid controller is displaying booth disks as well as Hard Disk Sentinel See pictures attached, confirming this

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Style designed by Artodia. Personally I did not check under Win x64, but checked all possible versions under Win7x64, Win8x64 and Win10x64 I checked the driver from both 5.

I do not want to argue of course, instead focus on the real issue. But has no information about the “raw” communication between the controller and the software.

VIA V-RAID Driver 6.10A

Hope to get a fix for it. Hopefully both hard disks will appear with their complete status. As I already said, as time exist a driver “claimed” to work for w2k bit version, we should give it a try. This is not surprising, as older drivers do not have the proper functions.


I’m still investigating the possibilities and do the best, but not sure if we can have a solution without the driver update – which will never happen, according the official response about the end-of-life status of this controller.

So personally I do not think you’ll see any difference under Windows too It is just the truth, HDS does not work. And the status of the Seagate hard disk is not detected in both Hard Disk Sentinel and in the Via tool. The second one disk GB and also resulted raid1 array is not displayed or monitored at all!!!

Already submitted this thread in attention to viatech. Unfortunately VT is an legacy, end-of-life chipset and will not receive any software update anymore. You should accept it as pure truth and make it working as advertised. To be honest, I’m not surprised That’s the reason I post in a forum and did not contacted on private.

But as you can see, the driver does not report the status – even to the VIA tool. I tried different driver versions both the 5. Normally, if working on w2k bit version, it should work on w2k8-r bit Also when saw viatech answer, an idea cross my mind: If you want to be transparent, display it for everybody in order people to be aware that something is wrong and HDS is not working as expected.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience that causes! For this, please open an elevated command prompt by starting CMD. Of course I refer the 64 bit drivers – as 32 bit drivers do not install under 64 bit Windows at all.


VIA VT RAID Controller • Hard Disk Monitoring

It has been required to run in console hdsentinel. Previously on older systems XP, Vista with the recommended 5. Please send an image – as maybe your VIA tool works differently and may display something even partial information which can help. With Windows Device Manager, it is possible to manually install the driver if we locate the controller and select the manual installation from a specific folder.

We are following up internally and will let you know the next step.

I just did not allow posts of an user who was unfair. And also, I cannot see any offensive words I’d more than happy if this would be a bug in Hard Disk Sentinel. And coming back to our problem, I can confirm, following your steps I have the same like you, one zeroed report for one of raid disks.