November 18, at Great product for the price. Please can you check I2C reading operation using this device? November 27, at This mini logic will come with case and cables, there are three types of cable in package: Note that modify the jumper when power off! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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This mini logic will come with case and cables, there are three types of cable in package:.

Seleae Logic + USBee AX + USB Blaster

If you try to buy CY7C at small volumes, that IC itself costs more than the price of this whole product. October 25, at 8: The software first looked promising, but after some testing I found out that it coould have been better. Their software is thus compatible.

Maybe this is the answer to the clones… When there is a lot of cheap hardware clones, try to sell the software for this instead of your own expensive hardware….

See the Seleae jumper below: The package included just logic analyzer, USB cable and signal cabled dupont line. Is that due to pull up to keep the pins up when not connected anywhere.


I found that 12 kohms resistors seemed to work OK for this. And there was also software that had possibility to generate output signals signal generator software.

USBee logic analyzers no more

The question that lies was usbfe cheap Chinese clones reason for business to go down clones came before business ended and more when it had ended? Please can you check I2C reading operation using this device? My device looks same as in this page, so clould work with those drivers? Connect a suitable series resistor between RS level signal and logic analyzer input. First one is breadboard jumper interface, you can plug the cable with any pins on PCB board.

I have to try this output option!

I successfully built the modification according your plans and documented my success at this blog article: If you need to trigger on some content in contious stream — its not possible. Best guide — http: HC is a bidirectional bus buffer IC, so I wonder why did they not implement the output in this device because the hardware was already there! I monitored the I2C write operation using LA and it is working fine. August 4, at 1: As it turns out you can mod this LA pretty easily to provide output capabilities: The color of the device was black in original product picture it was white.


You will need to go to the seller for support. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Some clones lacked signal output capabilities, and some hardware hackers even gave instructions to to add this missing feature.

When I landed to USBee web pageI noticed the following announcement that had been there for almost two years:. If you want to change it to other mode Default Seleae like USBeeyou need usnee open the case and modify the jumpers. Check the following web page: Have a USBee or a Clone?

USBEE AX clone |

If you purchased a USBee pod after January 1,it is a counterfeit device and the below downloads will not work on your device. The Windows version of the software is still a work in progress. January 28, at