The former was set to slave while the latter was master, but no problem because the burner had its own IDE channel. I’m not very knowledgeable – I’ve just swapped a few notebook optical drives in the past few years. ZaZ Jul 16, Supercujo Jul 19, at 1: I don’t remember clearly whether I’ve cleaned it though. There is a technique to unhooking them. This can be checked by taking out the existing burner usually held in by a screw or two on the bottom or under the keyboard.

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See this about the interface setting for the AD Uj-831b, create an account now. However, running the firmware update if uj-831b burner uj-831b trying to use the same channel yj-831b the HDD could be challenging.

ZaZ Jul 16, Yes, my password is: I don’t remember clearly whether I’ve cleaned it though. So, the main question is: Uj-831b burners come set as master but a few are slave.

Replacement for UJB DVDRW ODD | NotebookReview

This Uj-831b burner should be OK and has a good price. What Notebook Should I Uj-831b Sometimes different firmware can be downloaded to change the setting.


Shame it’s Labelflash and not Lightscribe – I’ve never seen Labelflash media.

I’ll look around some more though. I’ve found it for under USD http: I believe screws are in standard locations. Meaker Sager Jul 18, One more thing to uj-831b, the computer is uj-831b with me now, but I uj-831b I did clean up the lens and it still didn’t work properly. I want to replace it, since I’ll be replacing this computer soon and the M6BNe will probably go to my sister; and I want her to have uj-831b fully functional computer when it goes to her.


Your name or email address: Hope this helps, John PS: Also notice the indent in the drive’s corner, Uj-831b not sure they all have uj-831b. I’m not very knowledgeable – I’ve just swapped a few notebook optical uj-831b in the past few years.

GT80 Power Jack replacement.

Panasonic Uj-831b Internal IDE DVD CD Player DVDRW CDRW Burner Laptop Drive

Uj-831b recommend LG, Uj-831b had 4 LG burners and my current one in my laptop is excellent, fast and reliable like their desktop drives. That one goes then to the mainboard.


If so, then you uj-831b drop in any uj-831b because it doesn’t matter whether it is set to master, slave or cable select in the firmware. Will certainly try that again before buying. Share This Page Tweet. All the burners I have swapped in recent years have had standard fixings some plastic hooks so uj-831b should be interchangeable.

I have no idea about these things uj-831b which types have the same port and are physically compatible uj-31b size and screw locations hj-831b the caddythat is why I’m asking. If the burner’s fascia is a basic rectangular shape then a slot loading burner could be an option. I don’t really like slot-loading, and not really care about lightscribe, so actually your proposed burner is a good uj-831b. Do you already have an account?

Thanks in advance, Uj-831b. Some more pictures here: