Though the protruding koni shocks lens cover is prone to sliding open in your pocket. Reviewed by bret from UK on 17th Jun i had this fone for xmas and the cath inside the slider went on it so when i flip it down it turns off happend again to ma mums so no way go of rthe Samsung E mint!!!! Sometimes it will help in spending time, but most often is excessive. The number of settings and the simplicity of their usage makes the great advantage over other phones. Reviewed by nic from UK on 3rd May In this busy world, mobile phones have become a part of our every minute activities.

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It’s done it’s job for me, but I’m not obsessed with my phone.

In which you will be ericsaon to name the event, specify the place where it will occur, length, setup reminder beforetime or right at the start. Please do not use swear words or offensive language, and please, no advertising!

Full Body Housing for Sony Ericsson Z530i – Black

The external orange monochrome makes you squint to see it in bright daylight but the internal is fine. Other convenient things are creation of folders for files and bookmarks. At the same time all the function eircsson are sunk in the body more than enough, and one may not feel good about working with them.

Reviewed by Abhinav Kumar from UK on 18th Aug Overall the mobile is good, just the camera is poor and there is no full screen video option. Reviewed by unkown from UK on 15th Aug the phone is sucky and boring Rating: Reviewed by warren from UK on 6th May i think the phone is absolutly amazing i have had it eversince it came out the onli problem is with it is wen it crashes but it doesnt matter it has a lot of memory to store tones and vids and pics and to any 1 eridsson buys i it is well worth the money Rating: Reviewed by kandii07 from UK on 30th Aug I got this phone 4 my bday and i hate it!


Reviewed by MrVent from UK on 14th Aug I’ve always been a Nokia user, and have been daunted by the thought of changing phone brands, especially since Nokia is renowned for it’s great user friendliness. My friends love the features, the color, and the shape so much that they are looking all over for one.

As for the endless amounts of problems ive had with this phone, its definitely one to avoid! Uwb manufactured for Sony Ericsson Zi, Precision machining fits the cell phone perfectly.

Full Body Housing for Sony Ericsson Zi – Black –

Asked by sidi from nigeria on 1st Aug I love the games. Reviewed by Dave from UK on 21st Apr This phone is great my frends sed so i bought it and it really good the camera i not bad too all of u sayin its rubbish Rating: Reminders work even if the phone is switched off, if that option is marked in settings. What are the games in sonyericsson zi? x530i

Russian encodings are still a headache, the built-in browser works extremely badly with them. Sny list of missed calls can also be viewed separately; it can hold up to 10 records. Reviewed by kax sharma from UK on 22nd Jun the phone has a really fast blue tooth and good connectivity although its camera is not upto the mark Rating: In that manner, you can receive data, for instance, from home or office PC without using any extra synchronization software.

Track my order s.

Reviewed by Kirsty from UK on 1st May This is a good all round phone as it has good buttons for texting, a couple edicsson good games, some alright ringtones and it’s got bluetooth and infared!


An inversion monochrome external display may be referred to original solutions — its resolution is x80 pixels with orange backlight color, which originates from tradition of applying orange color to all handsets, representing Walkman line-up, and since Wony is equal in all parts to Wi, it features the same color.

5z30i by milly from UK on 18th Jul very nice Rating: Does anybody else av dis problemo if so den wright a review. This model is more vital than ever, considering the fact other companies have been grinding in this field — in fact there already several devices in this price bracket, featuring memory cards support, built-in mp3 player and possessing quite acceptable price.

Ideal first phone Rating: The presence of bookmarks can be considered an advantage. Reviewed by aarkay from UK on 2nd Aug hmm nice piece There is an icon beside each record showing a call type missed, received, and dialed. In another backward step, the Zi is only triband Zi was quadband. When the memory gets low it does go slow.

Sony Ericsson Z – Full phone specifications

You just have to choose a desired time interval – a day, a week, a month – and then send all the records. The company lies major emphasis on the price, which will be acceptable and are not likely to overcome MemoryStick Pro Duo.

Disappointingly too, the colour external screen of the Zi a530i been replaced with a monchrome STN display on the Zi – a display that is very difficult to read outdoors.