Open the printer cover. Dot pitch MODE1 Page When n is other than 0, the printer performs one linefeed after printing. Read more about our use of personal information on our Privacy Policy. Page 6 Setting the application software About printer driver Bar code and enlarged character 8 All-character set for enlarged characters:

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Also See for BP Owner’s manual – pages.

Ibm Mode Carriage return after printing. Paper Alignment When using multipart forms, seikosha bp 9000 the print head adjustment lever toward the front of the printer to widen the gap between the print head and the platen.

AUI (Seikosha) BPe pin Wide-Carriage Dot Matrix Printer | DTR Info Products Sdn Bhd

Table Of Contents Options and seikosha bp 9000 Although these two models, model A and model B, look different, the difference is only the appearance of the casing areas at the seikosha bp 9000. See the following pages for details of these commands.

The BP offers a total of 10 resident letter-quality fonts, thus giving you a large number of design options for your correspondence and your printed matters. The keys and operation method in the extended setup options are the same as those in the basic setup options. Introduction Options and expendables The Cut Sheet Feeder greatly enhances the speed and efficiency of document printing by feeding of up to 80 single sheets of paper without reloading.


Remove the rear cover of the printer or open the rear cover to seikosha bp 9000 the cover in the open position.

Page of Go. The serial data transmission error includes a parity error, framing error, and over-run error.

Loads one of three user designed setup options to the current active memory. The Auto Scroll function allows automatic positioning of the paper perforation against the tear-off-edge.

There are 10 resident fonts provided. Parameter Element print is used to print a bar code which is input element by seikosha bp 9000. Industrial 2 of 5 seikosha bp 9000.

Printer, fax copier te koop. If the printer is in the offline mode, the following appears on the display. Saving Your Setup Once you have completed your printer set-up, the configuration can be saved as a Seikossha setup.

Seiko Group BP-9000 Printer User Manual

Open the printer cover. Typically, these printers are used in the retail trade, seikoshq industry bl in banking. Successive passes of the print head alternate between the left-right and right-left direction. Line feed LF This function selects whether to execute the carriage return operation when receiving the line feed command LF code.

Control panel and operations Demonstration print-out To see what this printer can do, you may run this demonstration print-out Letter or A4 paper size for checking the printer’s performance. If the height expansion exceeds the cell expansion seikosha bp 9000 enlarged character data is input, the characters are enlarged to the cell expansion.


About Basic Setup Options 2 seikosha bp 9000.

Move the paper select seikosha bp 9000 to the continuous paper setting and carefully remove the jammed paper. The VMI indicates the distance between two lines, i. Ribbon Type and Life. Extended setup options Bar code size This function specifies the default bar code size. The autofeed signal must be seikosha bp 9000 when seikosha bp 9000 printer is initialized in order to add a line feed to every CR code.

Emulation If this printer is not listed, look for the following printer drivers. If this printer is not listed, look 0900 the following printer drivers. Convenient to use, with many interfaces. Paper Size 2 Selecting single sheet paper size This function sets a paper size page length, the right and left margins of single sheet paper.