We had had lots of problems with the old stick drop off’s and slow speed of course and a hard time getting that one going originally. I will update everyone on what happens. My only other viable option where I live is back to dial up, and I’m not enthusiastic about that, especially Bell Sympatico dial up! I feel like such a sucker. Reviewed on Sunday April 8, by Ron , Springhill. Many many phone calls to customer service with no results.

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If you called Technical Solutions, all novatel wireless u998 your calls have been recorded in two places: The help desk just want’s to pass the wireles and blame everything else. Customer service from Bell Mobility is the worst I’ve ever experienced. Using this is slower then my dial-up was. However still can’t load the Driver for one computer, and can’t locate where to find it. Read all the following reviews, the truth lies in their stories.

Why so long when they have some in novatel wireless u998 in the back room???? This is a new novatle as well all checks out with it.

If a hundred dissatisfied people do this maybe they will think something is wrong. Also, the skeptic in me suspects that Bell has the ability to tweak the performance of individuals if they choose to, which is hardly reassuring. The day novatell i wrote my previous reviews, my turbo stick start back to disconnect by itself, Bell change my Sim card, nothing change, novatel wireless u998 i’m waiting novatel wireless u998 a new turbo stick.


Novatel Wireless U998 Turbo Stick

I wouldn’t give it even one star. The Bell turbo stick is so undependable and novatel wireless u998 I’m on my third U with the same problem – shuts off after 3 minutes. Novatel wireless u998 the price per Meg sucks! All stores and contact centre reps have this information in wirfless knowledge database that they use when answering any incoming calls from customers.

I took it to a very reputable computer outfit they worked novate it for a few days, said that the Virtual Wifi is not bridging with the stick?

Yesterday, I was advised of an update, which I stupidly installed. I’m getting fleeced by Bell. If you talk to a rep, they take the easy way out and say I novatel wireless u998 in a bad location. Modem regularly won’t connect or disconnect and rebooting seems only i998 to fix.

Moved on and received a replacement which did not work at all. We never got any action until we contacted the CRTC and filed a formal complaint. Since August of last year, I have been trying to get my internet to work.

Unfortunately, I imagine that it will be difficult to get Novatel wireless u998 to upgrade to the Turbo hub without incurring a fee and monthly rate increase When my contract runs out there will be no more Bell.

Last Drivers  STAR TSP143 STR T-001 TREIBER WINDOWS 10

I was lucky that i got a good tech. They then blamed the low signal wirwless and the stick disconnecting when it felt like it on my building in the end. novatel wireless u998

Novatel Wireless U Turbo Stick Specifications

I bought a new laptop and decided to upgrade to this U If you have problems in my case BELLyou will have to spend hours on the phone with their tech dept and you will probably novatel wireless u998 get the answer you need.

Received the U by mail and had to call to activate.

Disgraceful and embarrassing really, isn’t it. Usually get 2 bars signal strength. I am giving this product a zero star rating because that is what it is worth. If your stick fails, novatel wireless u998 luck.

I better not get charged a penalty if I never end up get this up and running!!!! It is a shamefull scam from Bell Canada.