The megapixel sensor captured a fair amount of detail in our outdoor tests, but subtle textures were indistinct and focus trailed off towards the edges of the frame. The camera picked sensible settings in dim lighting, but this sensor isn’t cut out for high ISO shooting, producing grubby pictures with smeared details. Nikon Coolpix S review Digital cameras. What’s your experience of this product? Reviews by category Digital Cameras Nikon.

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Dell OptiPlex A If you like this article then why nikoon link to it from your site! Today’s hot reads last updated Jul 27, 2: We rated Luminar nikon coolpix s225 ” Highly Recommended “. You may inlude URLs http: Offering 10 megapixels, 2 more than its predecessor S 3 x optical zoom and a 2.

Nikon Coolpix S Specs – CNET

A low price for such a small, aluminium-clad nikon coolpix s225, but its features, performance and image nikon coolpix s225 are all pretty basic. The megapixel sensor captured a fair amount of detail in our outdoor tests, but subtle textures were indistinct and focus trailed off towards the edges of the frame.

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cpolpix Then you’ll automatically receive an email when someone replies! However a small digital camera is something that can attract attention especially from a quality manufacturer like Nikon nikon coolpix s225, this unit is exclusive to Jessops.

Come along and join in the fun! Visit the Luminar web nikon coolpix s225 to try it for free. Use a text link, or coolix an image. What’s your experience of this product?


Wide-angle shots and telephoto shots suffered from radial distortion. Thanks for the review.

Jessops offers Nikon Coolpix S camera

My nikon s wont work with flash on, it will take other nikon coolpix s225 normally but as soon as i want to use flash, it wont work. With a heritage spanning back toJessops offers a nikon coolpix s225 solution for photography enthusiasts; from photographic equipment and accessories to photo printing and award-winning personalised gifts from Jessops Jpics, the household name is synonymous with excellent customer service, exceptional quality and an unsurpassed passion for photography.

ISO settings up to with Auto working up to The base has tripod screw and the solid battery door that also houses the SD card slot. To make sure you’re real, please simply enter the 4 digit code above into the following box.

Nikon COOLPIX S225 10.0MP Digital Camera – Black

Like most recent digital cameras this unit can also accept SDHC cards and should you take movies with it then this could be important.

While the total shots is between charges of the lithium battery may be less than some larger cameras for nikon coolpix s225 small unit that is still quite acceptable. Free Prizedraw Why join?

This is a 10MP camera with 3x optical zoom as well as having a TFT screen that is easier to view in bright sunlight than a lot of other such ni,on cameras. Key features offered from the Nikon Coolpix Nikon coolpix s225 are Electronic Vibration reduction to cut out cameras shake, 4x anti-blur technology, Smile and Blink Proof Mode, Face Detection, Auto scene selector, Best Shot Selector BSS – which nikoon selects the sharpest of up to 10 sequential shots and an impressive Quick Retouch mode to let you edit your image and nikon coolpix s225 it as a copy.


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I’ve trying holding the button down ‘halfway’ then ‘the rest of the way’ but it dosn’t seem to be working at all, The ‘Flash Lamp’ is blinking red and nikon coolpix s225 the users manual that says it means its charging?

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Jessops offers Nikon Coolpix S225 camera

Search Gadget Speak reviews: Top reads Invite a friend! Performance is on the slow side, taking three seconds to switch on and shoot, and 3. We’ve had lots of problems with spam-bots adding inappropriate comments to articles. The nikon coolpix s225 shell looks smart, but the 2.