Evidence tied the two, who met as ninth- graders at a boot camp, to a string of robberies that happened around the same time. During the guilt-determination phase of the trial, Cobb admitted to participating in the robbery and kidnaping and to shooting Vandever. The Associated Press usually does not identify victims of rape, but Ansley has publicly acknowledged it and agreed to be interviewed. They were arrested at Adams’s cousin’s home on September 3, the day after Vandever’s murder. Suddenly, Cobb fired the shotgun.

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Survivor has been waiting 11 years for execution of Cherokee Co. man

Thomsen said Cobb said he got. See United States v.

He testified that Adams pressured him into committing the nikkki, threatening to kill him if he refused. Cobb held the shotgun while Adams grabbed the. He said he hopes she will come visit him before the execution.

Texas executes man for 2002 murder, kidnapping

You better answer me. This is the title of your second post.

We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Dsment and Cobb then turned to Nikki, asking her the same questions. After robbing the store, Adams and Richard Cobb, ddment from East Texas, drove off with the two female clerks and Vandever in a car belonging to one of the women. Ineffective assistance of appellate counsel claims are governed by the test set forth in Strickland v.


Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit described the murder of Mr. Seconds later, Candace heard another shot, and Nikki fell forward. If a legal rule is specific, the range may be narrow. It therefore denied federal habeas relief on Cobb’s Brady claim. Execution report for Beunka Adams. Thomsen avowed that he demeht not.

Appellant argues his first three points of error together. I’ll shoot you in the face if you don’t answer. Moments later two more shots followed.

She continued to feign death. Adams took Ansley into a wooded area and raped her. Points of error two through four are overruled. Instead she testified about the details of her injuries and their long term effect on her. With Cobb holding the shotgun, Adams ordered Driver and Vandever into the trunk. Then how in the world can you rely on his testimony in making a life or death decision? The TCCA concluded that Adams’s counsel rendered effective assistance because counsel’s decision not to present evidence of Cobb’s confession was sound trial strategy.

Moreover, the duty to disclose includes impeachment evidence.

Survivor has been waiting 11 years for execution of Cherokee Co. man

The jury heard testimony from both Candace Driver and Nikki Dement that from the time appellant and Cobb entered BDJ’s convenience store until they left, appellant was in charge, giving orders, and threatening the victims with the shotgun. As they were driving, Dement, who had gone to school with Adams, said, “I know you, don’t I? Cobb lifted Ansley up by her ponytail, and he and Adams put their lighters up to her face. Adams, however, believed that Kenneth was attempting to untie the women too soon, so he returned and ordered Kenneth to kneel behind the women.


Adams does not argue that he can overcome the procedural default under the fundamental miscarriage of justice exception because he is actually innocent of the death penalty.

Cobb and co-defendant Beunka Adams, 29, were on the tail end of a two-week robbing spree when they kidnapped Kenneth Vandever, 24, and two female clerks and took them to a Cherokee County field. Under nijki examination, he admitted that he did not mention any coercion by Adams when he confessed at the time of his arrest.