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Detail wise, this card rocks, noise wise, this card seems bad, but it doesn’t blur the image, that is the trick. And the cost is nutty for what you get. I have the MSI card, and it is ok. Originally posted by tsingh Hi, 3. This is not an essential Windows process and can be disabled if known to create. Originally posted by philstar The ASUS card does pass the audio to the line in on my sound card through an external cable. It fares no better than the XCapture on the black screen test.

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I have tested this card in over 12 systems stoped counting after a even dozen. MSI without like a 1.

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nsi Noisy and just plain BAD! Scroll in – Multiple play modes: I pick up k max speed for my account at my ‘learning zone’ and I know that it maxed out a friends download speed in Sweeden, she has 10mbit.

I found that noise is only a problem with slower systems. Raw capture is easy for the system.

Hopefully some knowledgeable people will chime in here and let us know if this is doable. There has been rumor’s that the drivers from the prolink card work better, to get a cleaner image with the s-video on the msi tv. The quality is fine.


Nywherre, Let me guess – you are using composite input. Now I’m on a 2. Also, does your TV nywhere card send out some crackling or poping noise when the card is not in use? I realise that neither is supported in the officially released DScaler binaries yet. But since soooo many people state they have noise and the like i would have to believe them.

Also in that application you cannot set the sharpness. Thursday, January 15, 5: The most popular version of this product among our users is The product will soon be reviewed by prro informers.

I pretty much have a complete grasp of this card now, I know all the tricks and disibilities.

Support For [email protected] | MSI Global

Some people have good results with it and others not so good. After second install even sound do no work.

MSI nuwhere update the driver for it since i presume they are going to scratch support for it and move onto a “new” capture card.

My card performs poorly on composite, but beautifully on s-video. Not to mention that MSI’s site layout is horrible and tech support takes forever to get back with me.

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Sorry for asking this question again – unfortunately, those with the card haven’t noticed the question and answered it once and for all I need the filters because of all the noise I get with this card.

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Since you seem to know mai about the MSI card than I do, maybe you can help me with this.

However if nywwhere look at the products overview link on the site, and the capture module tutorial, it shows where mdi can select the audio input from the available options. If you set it in amcap or iuvcr The PVR has a scheduler, a file splitter something the MMC was still lacking after all that timeand it has many pre defined profiles which are great, and an easy interface to make your own.

Its just murder on the hard disk. There are formats which simply were not available for me in the radeon.

I am used to capturing in yuv mode with my ati, which gives huge file sizes, then encode later, two pass, filters, etc. Mine is more like As far as hardware support, I don’t believe it has any. Windows 7 Starter; Chipset: I wanna know if there is anything else besides ati’s multimedia stuff, and chris tv software didn’ they have a forum as well as.