I have an MSI A Unsure how to proceed. As well, please remove the tag: Thanks for your fantastic work Oskari! I would also really like this fixed. The Live-usb is new, no updates. How to check version of touchpad?

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I appreciate all that you have done to help.

Try this official driver. After applying the patch, you need to activate it in synaptics xorg driver, and then it just works. Do you already have sebtelic account?

Which touchpad is in my notebook? | MSI HQ User-to-User FAQ

MSI Wind U touchpad does not work correctly under ubuntu 9. I am sorry if i missed over the obvious fact.

It is the successor of GSynaptics, and has a wider range of hardware devices supported it is not limited only to Synaptics. So you only choices are either wait until official driver or gnome’s generic driver incorporates multitouch functions; OR hack Synaptics driver to control your touchpad if thats even possible.

Muezick Oct 23, Sign up using Facebook. A discussion about building and using this driver on Ubuntu 8.


Double-click on it to open. I would be grateful if anyone wants to do some testing I can only test on a very recent v14 touchpad which is in my Asus UX Perhaps he’s mistaken, but I think I’ll work on gesture support for now. Phil A directly related question about how to configure Sentelic touchpads for non-tech users is on: Will this bug be fixed for the next Ubuntu?

They have recently released a driver for linux that will need patching the kernel.

MSI Wind Netbook

I’m not aware of any roadmap – my first goal was just to get absolute mode working with two finger scrolling, which I consider the absolute minimum to make it usable. Finally found guys who have the same laptop and experience problems with touch pad: Things have changed now with 2. Here’s hoping it gets better!! And what bugs me is that I cannot reproduce the sfntelic good state even with a clean install or a live-usb. Go to the tab, “Finger Sensing Pad ” and click the “Configure” buttonthen expand “On-pad Functions” and sentleic “Two-Finger Scrolling”then checking the appropriate checkbox.

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Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Incase of sentelic touchpadthere is a mouse icon in the notifications xentelic on your taskbar.

Unload psmouse with “modprobe -r psmouse”. Displaying first 40 and last 40 comments. The sourceforge project you link to doesn’t add multitouch functionality, from what I’ve seen. The pre-compiled version is 32bit for the Atom cpu againI tried to compile and run the 1. Gretha g-r-e-cramer wrote on Shawn Nov 5, You’ll also need to download static- build-fspc- The diff can be found in the git repository, or you can download it directly by following this link: For disabling touchpad while typing you can try https: Does Ubuntu kernel build scripts need to be adjusted to incorporate these changes?

Scroll down to “mice and other pointing device”.