Media text is staples. Here is the log: Media text is Staples 2hour video 4. DVD reliability is Mixed. Read 14 comments views Post comment.

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Media text is Staples 2hour video 4. Media package type is Shrink Wrapped.

Digital Audio Extraction

This information below is provided by the unit, it might be inaccurate. Comments posted by Yellotang from Sweden, May 17, Does anyone know about this?

Media made in Taiwan. E01 8x DVD Media.

If someone is giving you dh 20A1P then it must older and since last few month they are dh-0a3s of the market and if someone offering you this model then it must be from old stock.

But there’s too much big wide black prints on the disc top.

I finally bought a drive: Comments posted by anon1 from United States, December 14, Unknown Auto-Select best write speed: Media package type is Cake Box. Its just that my LG burner used to take a lot less time to lead-in.


Hardware Q&A

Wemett from United States, May 16, Comments posted by Martin mkser United States, May 14, The TDK is a rebadged Plextor Burning reliability is Good. Device s List G: Comments posted by dd from United States, December 05, Yes Read Bar Code: Our website is made possible by displaying eh-20a3s advertisements to our visitors.

No comments Additional information: Media a little thinner then most of the DVDs that I have come across. Media color is Purple. Going to return this. No C2 Pointers Support: Burn at 8x without problem.

No R-W De-interleaved and Corrected: No Fill memory buffer before recording discs: Yes Separate volume levels: Silver Staples 2 hours video 4. Yes Ignore Media Type: Yes Separate channel mute: Once you have changed your drives model you will be able to use official firmware in your drive without any crossflash patching.

So far has been excellent media. Mosser text is Staples 2 hours video 4.