For USB to serial cables that meet these requirements or a Bluetooth solution, check out what we offer in:. If you have a question, comment, or suggestion for this FAQ please post it on the forum. It is possible to circumvent this limitation by installing the same drivers for each USB port on your computer, but this step is unnecessary and bothersome. Oh yeah, I learned that if I close the lid on my laptop then unplug the USB port while Tuner Studio is open that I’ll get that, or if the computer screen goes to sleep while the lid is closed and TunerStudio is on with the USB plugged in. How does that relate to the EM noise in a car, well just think how much less EM noise it takes to cause a mV difference for corruption or a disruption to your data over USB compared to the good old serial where it takes a V difference! Originally posted by Admirall2 View Post.

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If you do not then there is a serial problem somewhere.

This works good for usb-serial commnuications with Cisco Console ports. Select the port as above i.

That era may be gone, but this still serves car enthusiast well in our high EM noise machines. Wish I had the same luck but seems my tablet won’t connect.

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While older drivers may work with older operating systems, they consistently create problems for users using Windows Vista or Windows 7. I power mine off the lighter to avoid the dropout. If you don’t know how to do this, here are directions us getting megattune the Device Manager for XP and Vista.

It is possible to circumvent this limitation by installing the same drivers for each USB port on your computer, but this step is unnecessary and bothersome. I have no idea what that BSOD, etc jargon is. For Vista, click the Start button and go to the Control Panel. GPS Mapping with scatter plot overlay. There are several ways to do this, and megatunw may have a preferred way.

I scoped the signal and there was what looked like a good signal being transmitted to the RS chip on the module but nothing was coming out.

Usually the best solution to the driver problem is to unplug the cable, uninstall the driver and then re-install the driver.

megasquirt:usb-serial_adapter_connectivity [SymTech Laboratories]

I can supply, repair or upgrade Megasquirts in UK. Data log Sound and video in parallel to MS data logs. I get a driver error in windows. While USB does present potential problems, it is commonly used to connect to cars without problems and is usually the most practical solution. Works with win10 too atleast 32bit. uxb

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Getting correct serial communications between your computer and Megasquirt is critical to enable tuning. Power is supplied from MS serial pin 9 so will drop off when key off. Select the baud rate. Hopefully that should be sufficient to get you connected. As long as it auto connects in a reasonable time that doesn’t concern me. Win7 at work but Win10 at home with my MS1.

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Looking at a way around this problem including going with a Bluetooth connection which is another learning curve for me. Maybe you could check with yours if this is the same. There are terribly high levels of EM noise generated by an automobile.

Wish more info was available on connectivity megautne from EFI. If you do experience problems during loading firmware, there are additional tests to try. Please see our article on serial port connectivity for information on connecting to your MegaSquirt ECU using your computer’s built-in serial port. CPU socket serial loopback test. Hard for the average person to know what is compatible and what is not.

I have no idea what that bsod, etc jargon is.