It sucks, but it’s true, sometimes we don’t agree with the majority and that’s ok. I also bet they cost more than some small ships. Take your research with you. This is the crux of my post. But without a consensus or at least a large majority of people agreeing here the voting with your wallet method of protest. I’ll offer a different perspective, since I keep seeing this “entitlement” sentiment parroted here:

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Most of the gameplay systems are not even implemented yet. It’ll probably end up being a far smaller deal than most expect it to be.

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I say give it to everyone, wipe their hands of the bullshit that’s encircled it and focus on just having cool concept sales instead of inciting frustration with the fanbase everytime you make ltti minor change to how shit’s sold.

LTI is nothing but a liability for the game now. Innovative Applications and 3599a of From what I have seen, it looks like this started when people started wanting it “both ways” and started calling on CIG to do something about LTI. The forums were the same way. Is less from this community actively choosing to unite to have power, but more hoping enough individuals within this community and outside it come to a decision that causes a noticeable impact to CIGs funding.

Their siblings always got better Christmas presents. It’s to incentivize new money coming in so that they can pay salaries to finish the game. It really depends on if they control griefing and economy in game – as long as whales can’t negatively impact the game experience for others it’s a positive thing.



It’s just about making the punishment sting because you want to have fun and that even if you leave you will have a scratch other games can’t itch. For larger or more expensive ships, it will take longer, during which time the player has no use of 359z ship.

I’m quite aware, but my point still stand, I just hope that the resulting balance would not pan out that way. If you buy it in-game, you have to use the in-game insurance system.

ALL gray market sales involve fresh cash already – you can NOT gift a ship ,ti you bought back with a 3599a credit nor can you gift a CCU you bought with a store credit. The only real issue is with gift cards, which should act as “new” money when melted, and only be buyable with new money.

Apparently, that’s a bad thing? And funny enough, I don’t have an issue with it. It’s likely to ramp up when you push ships too hard, especially if you take them into combat.

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CIG told us that new concepts would get LTI to reward backers for risking their purchase so long before they were ready. Because every single year that goes by with this game prioritizing fleecing people with no self-control out of hundreds of dollars in their prepay-to-win scheme, while the 359s itself is still several years away, makes it look more and more like a scam?

CIG even mentioned before giving back the ship in it’s previous condition, well not destroyed but used, worn parts so you still need to pay repairs and stuff.


Study of nature and the world around us has been a I will believe all of this when I see it in game.

LTI-359A Driver needed

You could also unintentionally keep the LTI if you upgraded the ship via CCU or if you melted it and bought it back again later. I’m pretty sure you also have a lot of those tiny and utterly useless things that you still hold onto like all of us because someone expressed something by giving it to you.

Then you’ve upgraded, and get to keep whatever you originally pledged for. Personally I’m intrigued but I’m waiting for more info. Insurance premium does not need to be meaningful for insurance to be serious business.

So yeah No one really agree’s on anything, lots of venting of people having their opinions before the discussion dies down when people realize they have no power. CIG has incredibly predatory marketing and it needs to stop.

That sis quite a shift in here. I have no problems with it. Sure, we know what CIG tells us how it will work but until it’s actually implemented in the game it lto to know how it affects gameplay. It’s also brought some goons and a fair number of “this game is a scam” guys out of the woodwork, and THEY’RE getting upvoted.