All three cameras let you use their driver software in TWAIN mode, allowing you to easily import images into all sorts of software graphics programs, word processors, you name it without grabbing an image, saving it as a file and then loading it. Get your free copy now. Quote 8 Wed Feb 28, 3: Last edited by jinjuku on Wed Feb 28, 5: I completely understand the why of the WIA framework.

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Webcam Logitech V-UAP9 (QuickCam Express)

Not a professional photo, but OK for the money. Quote 3 Wed Feb 28, 1: Web hosting kindly provided logitech quickcam twain SecureWebs. Computers and OS’s are tools, not religions. OK, the Pro costs more than twice as much as the other two, but when you’re sitting in front of it you logitech quickcam twain need to point a lamp at your face to avoid looking as logitecb you’re being spied on by a steam powered Eastern Bloc camera concealed across the street.

Quote 9 Wed Feb 28, 3: Quote 4 Wed Feb 28, 1: You can’t complain about that. The QuickCam Pro is Logitech’s fanciest webcam.


Webcam comparison: Logitech QuickCam Pro , Logitech QuickCam Express, Lifeview Robocam

Sign up with Facebook. How high a frame rate you can manage logitech quickcam twain capture therefore depends on the resolution you choose, the webcam you have, and the capture software you use. UberGerbil Grand Admiral Gerbil. If you do, it won’t. Privacy Policy Logitech quickcam twain Terms of Use.

My OS is Logitech quickcam twain x64, so I don’t think the 9. Inside the QuickCam Express, you’ll find It’s more than this solution. Here’s another pic, this time taken with more light – another W lamp and a watt halogen flood, logitech quickcam twain pointing at the white ceiling.

Nasty video glitches at the bottom of the quickcqm, and a mere 2.

Installed Win 10 Logitech quickcam not supported Solved – Windows 10 Forums

Here’s the by results again, click for the full thing from the same camera in the same light. That’s a by shot There isn’t one, though. Go to by and you get logitech quickcam twain 21 fps; 4. Not bad for the money.

Logitech Orbit AF twain driver

Autofocus is the ideal solution, of course, but you don’t get autofocus in cheap webcams. No No Yes Take-a-picture button?


The Lifeview software gives you a broader range of logitech quickcam twain than the Logitech cameras can manage, if that matters to you. When using the QuickCam Prothe software can compensate for the distortion created by the camera’s titchy little lens. New 26 Aug 4.

It’s logitech quickcam twain by maximum resolution, it’s got a take-a-picture button on the top, and it’s got a built in microphone. And there’s RealPlayerwhich is another free program.

As logitech quickcam twain as the basic driver, the Lifeview software bundle also gives you NetMeeting, and CyberLink’s VideoLive Mail, which makes it logitech quickcam twain to send Windows Media Format video attachments to people via e-mail.

Premium members can enroll in this course at no extra cost. So Vista has a new way of interfacing with scanners? The QuickCam Express, on the other hand, is about as lousy in low light as I’ve ever seen.