Poker Run Bullrun Team Riecke’s Mascot Bullrun I saved money, I mean, I really saved money. Maybe an Audi R8 to round it out. Day 7, Waking the Dead Bullrun I’m pretty simple, I just love speed. Tila was a cool girl.

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Shoreline T-Shirts Vehicle Preview: A lifetime supply of sushi, 1 passionate kiss or a Lotus Exige? Can I say dessert?

Jennifer Nicole | Super Speeders

Hey, I got nicope ride on the track; it wasn’t as bad as you’d think! Posted by EmilGH at 9: I’m pretty simple, I just love speed.

And how can I jennifee my hands on one?. Day 6, Tequila Train Bullrun Day 1, Spotted in Pennsylvania Actually, all the GT’s.

BULLRUN | Me, Jennifer Nicole, Kristine Elezaj XP | Danny Cheung | Flickr

The Bullrun Watch Freebies: It was so beautiful. Monsoon is Over Bullrun Electronic Counter Measures Bullrun Last Year’s Ride Lesson 1: My cell phone Tell us about your favorite freckle There’s my “girl” side coming out!


Day 1, Cop in the Cop Car Bullrun Blogging at mph Bullrun Departure Details Bullrun I wish I had more track time. Here’s a funny fact: Entry 3 Bullrun It’s too late to ship a car from Los Angeles.

And lots of it. Day 4, Vail Colorado Bullrun Please Stand By Bullrun That was the first time I almost got arrested and the funny thing was the whole time, I was laughing about it. Day 4, Tollway Takedown Bullrun Maserati MC12 always gives me goosebumps.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Best Cop Pictures Bullrun Entry 1 Safety Tip: Day 7, Party at Social Bullrun Day 2, West Windsor Bullrun Emil’s Lamborghini Gallardo that was the first time driving an exotic Ferrari F Day 1, Start Bullrun