Poker Run Bullrun Team Riecke’s Mascot Bullrun I saved money, I mean, I really saved money. Maybe an Audi R8 to round it out. Day 7, Waking the Dead Bullrun I’m pretty simple, I just love speed. Tila was a cool girl.

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Shoreline T-Shirts Vehicle Preview: A lifetime supply of sushi, 1 passionate kiss or a Lotus Exige? Can I say dessert?

Jennifer Nicole | Super Speeders

Hey, I got nicope ride on the track; it wasn’t as bad as you’d think! Posted by EmilGH at 9: I’m pretty simple, I just love speed.

And how can I jennifee my hands on one?. Day 6, Tequila Train Bullrun Day 1, Spotted in Pennsylvania Actually, all the GT’s.

BULLRUN | Me, Jennifer Nicole, Kristine Elezaj XP | Danny Cheung | Flickr

The Bullrun Watch Freebies: It was so beautiful. Monsoon is Over Bullrun Electronic Counter Measures Bullrun Last Year’s Ride Lesson 1: My cell phone Tell us about your favorite freckle There’s my “girl” side coming out!

Last Drivers  ESI U46 DRIVER

Day 1, Cop in the Cop Car Bullrun Blogging at mph Bullrun Departure Details Bullrun I wish I had more track time. Here’s a funny fact: Entry 3 Bullrun It’s too late to ship a car from Los Angeles.

And lots of it. Day 4, Vail Colorado Bullrun Please Stand By Bullrun That was the first time I almost got arrested and the funny thing was the whole time, I was laughing about it. Day 4, Tollway Takedown Bullrun Maserati MC12 always gives me goosebumps.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Best Cop Pictures Bullrun Entry 1 Safety Tip: Day 7, Party at Social Bullrun Day 2, West Windsor Bullrun Emil’s Lamborghini Gallardo that was the first time driving an exotic Ferrari F Day 1, Start Bullrun