The library can be partitioned into one or more logical libraries, and can provide each logical library its own separate and distinct drives, storage slots, and control paths. We focus on making it easy to do business with us. For a current list of host software versions and release levels that support the TS or TS, go to the Tape storage website. We finance your entire solution. They can help you integrate your high-speed networks, storage systems, application servers, wireless protocols, and an array of platforms, middleware, and communications software for IBM and many non-IBM offerings. You can partition the library into as many logical libraries as there are drives in the library.

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The multipath feature of the libraries supports sharing of the library robotics. SARS causes the drive to request a cleaner tape, mark the media as degraded, and indicate that the hardware degraded. The device driver starts error recovery and continues the operation on the alternative control path without interrupting the application. We focus on making it easy to do business with us.

IBM Knowledge Fs3100 provides you with a single point of reference where you can access product documentation for IBM systems hardware, operating systems, and server software. A power cable is not included with the optional power supply for ordering information, see Table 8. With a data rate of 8 Gbps, Fibre Channel cable lengths are limited to meters feet using an OM3 cable.


IBM TS3100 and TS3200 tape library models with LTO Ultrium 8 drives deliver increased capacity

IBM patented “Scheme-Swapping” compression looks ahead at incoming data and determines the most efficient storage method ALDC or pass-through mode to help optimize data compression and increase data throughput. Front obm of the TS Tape Library. The following cable options are available for SAS attachment: This specialist develops an in-depth understanding of your invoice and payment requirements.

A large ubm of publications are available online in various file formats, which can currently be downloaded.

Robust drive components optimized rs3100 automation environments To help enhance reliability and prolong the life of the drives, some of the most robust components available are used such as an all metal clutch, steel ball bearings in loader, robust leader block design, and a single circuit card. This compensation dynamically optimizes readback signals for linear readback response from MR read head transducers.

IBM TS tape library

If the Additional Power Supply feature is ibk, then two power cords will be supplied based on the power cord feature ordered. This configuration helps reduce tape damage especially to the edges of the tape and tape debris, which comes from the damaged edges and can accumulate in the head area.

Separate writing of multiple filemarks evokes any write command of two or more filemarks to cause a separate data set to be written that contains all filemarks after the first. The LTO-CM is designed to hold information about that specific cartridge, the media in the cartridge, and the data on the media. Machine code Same license terms and conditions as base machine.


This announcement is provided for your information only. Related publications and links For more information, see the following resources: The following table lists supported cable options. Changes in the July 12 update: The TS Tape Library is shown in the following figure.

This product uses the security and auditability features of host hardware, host software, or application software to which it is attached. Thank you for your feedback.

More removable tape magazines can be ordered with the TS or TS, if needed. IBM Spectrum Archive allows users of LTO Ultrium 8 tape library systems to inventory cartridges and read, write, and search data on any cartridge, enabling writing of metadata and tagging of individual files for easy and fast access to files stored on cartridges. Introduction Did you know? A current list of Lenovo trademarks is available on the Web at https: Native device driver support is available for selected Lenovo servers and other Linux and Microsoft Windows open-system servers, Latest support information: Rack mount 87 mm 3.

The TS has the following characteristics: The TS also comes standard with remote management capabilities to allow for remote administration of the tape library through a web interface. IBM maintains the latest levels of System Storage tape drive and library device drivers and documentation on the Internet.