If you need drivers, get ’em here! Still, it easily pulls out of the laptop if you accidentally tug on the network cable. I’m glad I did. First attempt to call support told me I had the wrong area, then transferred me to a disconnect. So I put in the much maligned driver CD, opened it up in widows explorer to check out the files and found a list of 10 directories. It has been working great for this purpose.

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I highly recommend this product! Pictures made it seem like I would achieve this.

So snug in fact that i have to grab it by the front edge and pull it out with tweezers or something to lock it after it clicks into place or to remove it.

Works on OSX, Easy special steps required though.

GMYLE® ExpressCard 34mm to USB Adapter (Dual Port) review

Sticks out at least a centimeter. I am getting around 90 MBs sustained file transfers to devices mounted in this interface. Easy driver installation and it bc6288 as planned.

Seems to be hot-swappable, too. The left port is transfering at almost 6 gigs gmyl minute the RIGHT port is transfering at 2 gigs per minute if I plug in two self powered WD Passport drives, they both fail – so it can’t power two drives at once. Professional geek had no problems at all If you’re not careful, the ExpressCard can get pulled out from its slot, but otherwise, this card works perfectly.


After that the card worked perfectly If not, try booting the computer with a USB device plugged in. Found the right drivers for older mac This card will work on an older mac with the right drivers.

GMYLE® ExpressCard 34mm to USB 3.0 Adapter (Dual Port)

Then I downloaded caldigit usb 3 driver installed it. It was the only way I could get faster transfer speeds than USB2 when my Thunderbolt ports were busy. If you install the card without a driver and just launch Windows Updater and I think Windows Update will pull down the correct device driver for it.

Recognized by Windows as: Thank you very much. MultiBeast drivers are the way to go This got dropped off in the mail 10 minutes ago.

I used one of these flush mounted guys to clone my GB drive, so it was stable. I have my laptop setup to dual-boot Windows and Mint, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the USB-attached devices plugged in through this unit were recognized when I booted into Linux without having to load any special drivers.

This adapter is a great way to add USB 3. My Dell Latitude E works this way with all 34mm cards. It does seem weird sometimes if you eject without a reboot.

Thanks to other reviewers, installation of the MultiBeast driver pack made it a simple plug and play operation in my older MacBook Pro that has been relegated to desk duty. So if you need them, get them here: The only drawback it does not sit very snugly in my Lenovo T expresscart port.

Last Drivers  MP160 LINUX DRIVER


I am satisfied with this device. Christov suggests to upgrade the firmwarebut didn’t do. There is no clue as to which chipset the card uses so B6c28 guessed.

I gmule push it back in, but it is not recognized for me until next reboot. Also, I have to remove the card to install a USB cord otherwise it gets ejected from the laptop.

The company very politely wrote me and reminded me that compatibility was vmyle stated for the newest version of Mac OS X I started researching ExpressCard solutions but they were ugly and expensive. It has definitely brought new life to the ol’ 17″. It works but you have to install the driver first as my windows 7 wouldn’t install as plug and play and it isn’t as fast as some other ones I have but not enough to write this off as bad or slow.