Penetrations shall be protected in accordance with Section The location of the assumed line in relation to the exterior walls and the fire wall shall be such that the exterior wall and opening protection meet the requirements set forth in Sections Horizontal assemblies shall comply with Section The beam flange width does not exceed 12 inches mm ; or. Where the installation of a smoke damper will interfere with the operation of a required smoke control system in accordance with Section , approved alternative protection shall be utilized. Insulation and coverings on or in the penetrating item shall not penetrate the assembly unless the specific material used has been tested as part of the assembly in accordance with this section. Stepped buildings in accordance with Section

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Interior walls and partitions of genreic construction shall be tested with both faces exposed to the furnace, and the assigned fire-resistance rating shall be the shortest duration obtained from the two tests conducted in compliance with ASTM E or UL Penetrating items that connect not more than two stories are permitted, provided that the annular space is filled with an approved material to resist the free passage of flame and the products of combustion. Approved vertical openings for masonry chimneys shall be permitted where the 16bd-1/2 space is fireblocked at each floor level in accordance with Section Noncombustible penetrating items that connect not more than five stories are permitted, provided that the annular space is filled to resist the free passage of flame and the products of combustion with 16vw-1/2 approved noncombustible material or with a fill, void or cavity material that is tested and classified for use in through-penetration firestop systems.


Where the wall faces an unoccupied space.

Escalators shall cease operation when the shutter begins to close. Does not penetrate a horizontal assembly that separates fire areas or smoke barriers that separate smoke compartments.

Unless required elsewhere 16wb-1/2 the code, smoke partitions are not required to have a fire-resistance rating. An approved automatic sprinkler system shall be installed in accordance with Section The roof sheathing or deck is constructed of approved noncombustible materials or of fire-retardant-treated wood for a distance of 4 feet mm.

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Openings are not permitted in party walls constructed in accordance with Section Combustible piping within partitions or shaft enclosures installed in accordance with the provisions of this code. Ducts and air transfer openings shall not penetrate enclosures for interior exit stairways and ramps and exit passageways, except as permitted by Sections Where a smoke damper is installed in a corridor wall 16bw-12/ ceiling, the damper shall be permitted to be controlled by a smoke detection system installed in the corridor.

Doors installed in a fire wall in accordance with Section Openings shall be limited to a maximum aggregate width of 25 percent of the length of the wall, and the maximum area of any single opening shall not exceed square feet 15 m 2. Any wall located on a lot line between adjacent buildings, which is used generuc adapted for joint service between the two buildings, shall be constructed as a fire wall in accordance with Section A 1-hour fire-resistance rating is required for smoke barriers.

Incinerator rooms shall comply with Table Smoke barriers shall be of materials permitted by the building type of construction. Reasons for your score: Where unprotected openings are permitted, windows and doors shall be constructed of any approved materials. The shutter shall be so constructed as to close immediately upon the actuation of a smoke detector installed in accordance with Section Buildings whose exterior bearing walls, exterior nonbearing walls genedic exterior primary structural frame are not required to be fire-resistance rated shall be permitted to have unlimited unprotected openings.

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Penetrations shall be protected in accordance with Section The required fire-resistance rating of exterior walls with a fire separation distance of less than or equal to 10 feet mm shall be rated for exposure to fire from both sides. Refuse chutes shall not terminate in an incinerator room. Joints made in or between smoke barriers shall comply with Section Under the prescriptive fire-resistance requirements of the International Building Codethe fire-resistance rating of a building element, component or assembly shall be established without the use of automatic sprinklers or any other fire suppression system being incorporated as part of the assembly tested in accordance with the fire exposure, procedures, and acceptance criteria specified 16bw-1/22 ASTM E or UL The joint shall be located above a ceiling.

Ducts that penetrate fire-resistance-rated assemblies and are not required by this section to have dampers shall comply with the requirements of Sections Buildings 16bww-1/2 sloped roofs in accordance with Section Joints made in or between fire walls shall comply with Section Openings through horizontal assemblies shall be protected by shaft enclosures complying with Section In other than Groups I-2 and I-3, a vertical opening that is not used as one of the applications listed in this section shall be permitted if the opening complies with all of the items below:.