Take a look at the FinePix gallery to see for yourself. Pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy. Intro and Highlights 2. The Zoom’s sleek design fits into your hand pretty well, although we found the grip and controls a little cramped, requiring that we hold the camera more in our fingers than our hand proper. Manufacturer Overview Fujifilm has become one of the major players in the digital camera field, and last year in particular had a number of major product announcements.

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True, using the camera is a challenge as compared with current fare, and getting hold of a spare, long-obsolete Smartmedia card could prove troublesome these fujivilm.

Fujifilm: Support & Contact Center: FinePix

Alternatively, the Automatic mode puts the camera in charge of all exposure decisions, leaving you in control of the flash, self-timer, and the Voice Caption feature. This could be useful for fujivilm lectures or presentations, but the sound quality leaves a fair bit to be desired: Founder Phil Askey on the first ten years.

Sony fixes data loss issues with firmware v2.

Is it enough of a refresh to keep up with the times? Fujifilm FinePix A, entry level. Though several settings are controlled via the arrow keys and smaller, circular LCD display, the Zoom does rely quite a bit on its LCD menu system.

DCRP Review: Fuji FinePix Zoom

I am shaky when I take photos and the camera stabilizes my shakiness and makes a clean photo. Continuous Shooting mode takes as many as five consecutive frames at approximately 0. French company GT Company has licensed the AgfaPhoto brand and launched a range of new budget products.


Open Innovation Fujifilm’s open innovation is about listening to the customer and innovating together. FinePix Viewer also includes the PictureHello software utility that allows Windows users to set up the Zoom as a videoconference tool, providing limited remote control of the camera.

A Multiple Exposure menu option Manual mode only takes multiple exposures, one over another, to produce unique “double exposed” images. Dec 19, review. Placing the FinePix Zoom into its cradle immediately begins charging the battery.

Fujifilm FinePix 6800 Zoom Review Posted

A Taiwanese company known for producing skins for Sony products has released what is very likely its most unusual skin to date. Preparing this level of information on as many products as we do is incredibly hard work, fujifi,m to mention expensive. Four flash modes are controlled by the right arrow key: Power from NP rechargeable battery or AC adapter included. The Nikon P is a bit of an oddity, but the unique shooting opportunities it makes possible are why it’s Editor Jeff Keller’s pick this year.

This mode records moving images with sound for as long as seconds at the x resolution size.

In Playback mode, the Display button also controls the LCD monitor display, showing image information such as filename, the number of captured images, date and time, etc. Automatic exposure control, plus four Scene photography modes.

In our latest buying guide we’ve selected some cameras that while they’re a bit older, still offer a lot of bang for the buck. You can also connect the cradle to your computer via the USB cable, allowing you to quickly download images straight from the SmartMedia card.


Both shutter speed and aperture are reported on the LCD monitor when the Shutter button is halfway pressed, giving you an idea of what the exposure will be. Chromatic aberration is low, dujifilm about three or four pixels of coloration on either side of the black target lines. To help you shop for a good fujifiilm on memory cards that fit the FinePixwe’ve put together a little memory locater, with links to our price-comparison engine: Ufjifilm up to you where you buy, but Mike, Mike, Kim, Yazmin, Marti and I would be really grateful if you’d help us out by choosing one of our advertisers to purchase from.

Fuji Fujifilm FinePix 4700 Zoom (2000), FinePix 6800 ZOOM (2001) und FinePix M603 (2002)

In the slightly slanted 5 degree slant lines, we’d call the resolution at lines before strong moire sets in. Media Card Compatibility list For a complete list of compatible media cards for your digital camera, please click the link to access our worldwide website.

Shutter lag was pretty good for distant subjects beyond several feetand about average for macro shots. There’s also a 9 thumbnails-at-once option as well. Here are a few cameras to consider, from the 3MP range: We were able to see the full view at a fair distance from the eyepiece, meaning even fairly thick eyeglasses should be accommodated.