Some platforms have only 6, 8 or 10 chipset ports which are not enough for many storage applications. If your mobo recognizes the card and freenas doesn’t then you might want to update your BIOS first. After reading tons of hardware configurations and recommendations I’ve settled on some hardware that looks like this: The SAS is an interesting case. They need to be initialized otherwise you can’t access them via the card.

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At this point, the supply of LSI cards is enormous. There is a chance I’ll be taking this Adaptec back and getting the Have you initialized them as JBOD?

In fact, our office FreeNAS system uses this motherboard. As an alternative test, we took the liberty to simply swap the controller without changing anything else. Notify me of new comments via email.

If you asaptec both ports no drives will show up with the default driver. They need to be initialized otherwise you can’t access them via the card.

Adding driver support for Adaptec RAID | FreeNAS Community

In the consumer market, price and reliability are not really related at all. Drives I’m looking at: I hope this can help you Best Regards. Once I got that. Joined Aug 12, Messages 4 Thanks 0.


How to Install Adaptec Storage Manager over FreeNAS 8 | Routing the world

Todd Aug 17, We are going to focus this guide on FreeNAS servers fgeenas under 30 storage devices and will periodically update the listing. They’re energy efficient in comparison to every other drivefairly quiet, perform just as well as my ES.

Angelo Georgescu October 28, at They introduce another layer of complexity into the system that is unnecessary. I can’t say as to how large a chassis your RAID array will be hosted in, but my best guess for you without all the information would be to get a good doesn’t have to be the most expensive RAID controller 3Ware, Areca, LSI, Adaptec probably something on the lower ends adxptec each manufacturer and buy large, cheaper disks.

Kinda screams that our driver install didn’t work but we don’t get any errors on boot. The new SAS series controllers have the least testing time on them.

Adding driver support for Adaptec RAID 6805

Do you have any solution? These are all RAID type drives, feeenas among with better build qaulity link text means that the drive time out to retry reading bad blocks is about 15 seconds, versus up to 2 minutes for a regular desktop drive.

I am currently running FreeNas 9.

Umcompress the file tar zxvf. You are using RAID frreenas solve the redundancy issue, so get the drives that will meet your performance needs which appear to be minimal and be done with it.


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May 31, at Joined Aug 17, Messages 13 Thanks 0. Another scenario is that you need more space but want to continue using a single adptec node.

Data to me is more important than the machines itself. I don’t care about paying more. Some platforms have only 6, 8 adaphec 10 chipset ports which are not enough for many storage applications.

Do you mind sharing the motherboard you have? They have onboard RAM that uses additional power.

Maybe other people can comment on linux RAID more than I can, but when push comes to shove I tend to go for hardware solutions when it comes to storage. Controller prices fall adpatec slowly over time.