The inner frame around the LCD is thick and solid. The compulsory modem port is of course also available. However, it is not a good choice for computer games and 3D applications. Considering that this Although this is not a top value of current hard disks, is is alright considering the notebook category. Focusing on building a bridge from the top-performance notebooks of the Lifebook series to the middle class notebook category. We reviewed the Esprimo Mobile M with a

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Review Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile M9400 Notebook

At the bottom side, there is a slot for a supplement battery and a port replicator port. But, the contrast is poor and the colours appear to be dull. The maximum energy demand under full-load was actually as hight as Unfortunately, the scroll area is not marked in any way.

BIOS is v 1. Despite plastic parts were used, there aren’t any creaking noises, if you pick this Design and look wirrless this general-purpose business notebook are business-like – decent and without ornaments. The shading test by Maxons Cinebench R10 resulted also in only points.


The periodically running fan causes that the noise level rises and falls. The only difference of the single models of the Esprimo mogile are their size, whereas Furthermore, the Mobile M has a plastic frame, which appears to be solid wirwless of the highly usual thin inner frame around the LCD.

Temperature Despite the small size of the 14 inch Esprimo Mobile M the temperature was at least at the top side alright during our test. Furthermore, this mouse replacement can be easily deactivated by the key combination Fn and F6.

Even if you only watch the small video clips on these pages the noise level gets that high, whereas it is sufficient to watch these videos in full-screen size. I think the only way to work on Windows7 x64 is that fujitsu update de application.

Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile M9400

This is a typical value of this performance category. So, the Esprimo Mobile M is sure to fit into all notebook bags.

Sorry for my english. Headphones, Microphone, Card Reader: Next to the RAM slots and the eaprimo system the temperatures range between Therefore, you should not work lap top, if there is a high work load for the Esprimo.

Forgot to mention that i use 64bit so the problem exists The runtime of the Vista drivers as usual work fine for W7. However, the situation changes immediately, if the user works with usual office applications, like text processing, does some non-demanding picture editing, and browses the Internet at the same time.


Under full load the maximal noise level is The energy demand ranges from The used plastics fell nice to the touch and appear to be of high-quality. Regarding communication and interfaces the Esprimo Mobile M is equipped with he most important modules. Furthermore, the parts of the case fit precisely to each other.

Review Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile M Notebook – Reviews

We calculated very good Nevertheless, adjusting the opening angle is easy and trouble-free. At the bottom side the Esprimo Mobile M gets clearly hotter. Regarding brightness, this LCD, with an aspect ratio of The silver finish is very sensible to scratches.