See this blog post for instructions: Than I made a comparison between 1. I have posted it. Once this file is in place, restart haldaemon and check with lshal that the right options are assigned. Is this due to a change in Xorg? It is not a package that can be easily added and removed. Since it looks like a pretty simple patch, hopefully someone can apply it without a whole lot of review being required.

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I have a suspicion that there is something hardware-specific about this bug, but unfortunately none of the many people who have confirmed this issue have indicated what elogrwphics they have, so it’s impossible to determine this as the case, nor to develop a proper fix that conditionalizes the y-axis swap for that specific hardware.

First we need to load the kernel module, then call inputattach with linx right options for our device: If you got beta drivers from Elo, please note you will need libusb Than I made a comparison between 1.

This came up because “my” device didn’t work – at all – with a MatchDevice section in xorg. Can you tell me how to configure xorg.


elographics (4) – Linux Man Pages

How can that be specific hardware with a swapped y axis? The suggested patches, etc. Is this due to a change in Xorg? There is no response though. I can get it to work. The only code change from 1.

Changed in xserver-xorg-input-elographics Ubuntu Hardy: There you can add any options found in evdev 4: The next step is to configure X to see the device.

On Thu, Elohraphics 16, at I’ll be able to try this tomorrow AM when I get access to the hardware again. This patch fixes the problem for me too! Apparently, this particular device does not set “input.

Several patches are mentioned in this bug report comments 7, 18, 19, 23 each of which is different. To get the correct values do the following: Fixed in source package xfinput- elographics- 1.

elographics(4) – Linux man page

What’s a reliable way to get this info? So please test and let me know what you find. The MatchProduct should be something contained in the info.


Is there a way to check that. The controller is a model E, firmware revision 2.

I think there’s just too much risk of regression. An alternative is to build and then run touchcal from a non-X terminal to determine minimum and maximum values to use linuux xorg.

linux – How can I get an ELO Touch Screen to work? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

This would fix an ABI breakage issue, which would have very different symptoms than this bug. The patch works fine, on Xubuntu 8. Hardy package for elographics with patch Edit E and compatible devices are supported with some features unavailable.

Confirmed in released version of 8.

Once I manually removed the broken version the newer package worked fine. I just had the issue, applying the patch epographics rebuilding the driver solved it.