We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Why the signal error is displayed and there are no image on the screen, when playing Blu-ray video on the player device connected via HDMI? With new and exciting technologies being introduced by them 4k, Hz VA , this can only be a positive thing. This business deliverers as promised – excellent. Out-of-box settings Viewing angles Gets a bit dark with Turbo activated Low resolution affects non-game usage. In practice the signal processing is the element which gives the feel of lag to the user, and the response time of course can impact blurring, and overall image quality in moving scenes.

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The first ‘color’ section contains some of the normal settings you would expect, like brightness, contrast etc. This means you can use the screen comfortably without any issues with flicker introduced by the backlight blinking technology.

FORIS FG Gaming Monitor (DE) | EIZO Gaming Monitors

These carry certain default gamma and temperature modes and may be useful for those wanting to set up the screen for different situations and different games. A camera was used to capture the result. First of all with Turbo off, the image became a little sharper than we’d seen at 60Hz. When on the hz turbo setting there is slightly more blur however it is amazingly smooth ensuring good gameplay. DCR feature doesn’t work at all seemingly. There was a moderate range of ergonomic adjustments available from the stand allowing you to obtain a comfortable enough position.

If you view a very dark grey image with a black background head on, the grey content is lost in the image and appears black.


Those shown with blue bars in the bottom half represent the total “display lag” as at the time of review we did not have access to an oscilloscope system to measure the response time element and provide firis estimation of the signal processing. The first flash lasts about 0.

EIZO Foris FG2421-BK – LED monitor – Full HD (1080p) – 24″

Unfortunately, such is not always the case in practice. It was also a lot higher than the maximum luminance we’d seen from screens using LightBoost systems for reduced motion blur. We tried various shutter speeds and screen brightness settings as the black depth is so deep here, but we were impressed with the results.

Tests were made using an X-rite i1 Display Pro colorimeter. It’s not very often that we get something truly new in the monitor market, but we were certainly excited by the arrival of the Mine was made in Japan. The Dell UM showed nice low levels of motion blur and the moving image was a little sharper than on the P series screen here. Cyber Monday deals at Costco: Add to this the fact the transitions were free of any overshoot problems at all and you have a great performance from the panel side of things.

The signal button is used to switch between each video input. An X-rite i1 Display Pro colorimeter was also used to verify the black point and contrast ratio since the i1 Pro spectrophotometer is less reliable at the darker end. The MVA panel used here is the first of its kind to natively support Hz refresh rates as well, certainly sparking interest in the gaming community.


Being VA based the panel did suffer from the off-centre contrast shift you will see from these technology panels. Compare power consumption measurements on different TVs and monitors with our interactive power consumption applet here.

Approximate height of the display.

PWNing noobs has never been so much fun. You could forgive some of this since the screen is clearly marketed at gamers, but we still look for good all-round performance if we can.

We have become so accustomed to silly specs in the millions: While a higher refresh rate can lead to a more natural and smooth movement it does increase the load on the PC and graphics card, especially for graphically intense games. On a black image there was a slight pale glow from an angle but it was nothing really bad at all. The target is 0.

23.5″ EIZO Foris FG2421 – Specifications

These bad boy’s are simply the Rolls Royce of monitors!!! Forsi FG Size class Size class of the display as declared by the manufacturer. With Turbo not really working well at 60Hz this might mean the feature is more limited when playing consoles or running PC’s at lower refresh rate. We heard some rumours before we were sent the screen that it might suffer from the so-called “cross hatching” appearance like the Dell UHM screen did.

We tested the screen at a lower x resolution to see how the screen handles the interpolation of the resolution, fg22421 maintaining the same aspect ratio of