Edirol has put a lot of thought into portability with the PCR-1, and it shows. Several features of the PCR1 are unique. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This, combined with the SLIM keys, helps keep the overall height of the controller to just over 1 inch! Peripherals Speciality level out of ten:

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The connections provided give you everything you need to record and play back audio, play virtual instruments and control software settings, while pvr1 the weight down by leaving out more esoteric options.

Edirol PCR1 Controller Keyboard Review – Synthtopia

edirrol Some pianists may be frustrated by the SLIM action. Question marked as Apple recommended User profile for user: The PCR1 is designed to be very lightweight, and features a supermodel-thin profile. Sep 9, 2: Edirol also provides a gig-bag for the PCR1.

These buttons work like switches, turning pitch-bend or modulation on and off. Plug and play on MacOS X.

Should we go back to Mavericks? This is a nice touch, and should meet the needs of users that want to keep their controller from getting crusty in the back of their car. That would offer better control, but keep the size down.


All replies Drop Down menu. Jun 29, 6: Compared to other portable controllers, the PCR1 offers excellent portability while retaining edieol most important features of larger, heavier controllers. Jun 6, The knobs have a solid feel to them, and the spacing and positioning seems to be ideal.

Edirol Pcr-1 Keyboard

The PCR1 is inexpensive, yet it offers everything musicians typically need for mobile music making. Edirol supplies drivers to ensure compatibility with the most common operating systems, even going back to Mac OS 9 and Windows 98! Templates are provided for some of the most popular music applications, including Sonar, Pro Tools and Cubase.

Edirol has kept the PCR1 simple and portable by limiting the connection pfr1.

Edirol Pcr-1 Keyboard | eBay

Nov 27, 9: Because the PCR1 is optimized for portability, it should be compared to other mobile keyboard controllers, rather than traditional master ppcr1 controllers. For players that only make occasional use of them, they get the job done. Stereo miniature phone type Digital Output connector: Eight knob controllers are provided along the top, and these can be used in combination with the Shift key to double the number available.

A printed set of overlays is edorol for controlling GM2 synths. For example, the knobs are inset slightly into the controller, and are not as tall as typical controller knobs.


Edirol PCR1 Controller Keyboard Review

Instead of the wheels that you find on most controllers, the PCR1 uses a thin metal bar for the Mod control, and a toggle button for the Pitch controller. In reality, the keys are just not as tall as regular keys, reducing the overall height of the keyboard ediorl. Edirol has put a lot of thought into portability with the PCR-1, and it shows.

Peripherals Speciality level out of ten: With the PCR1, Edirol has focused on satisfying the most common needs of a mobile computer-based musician, providing controls for playing ediirol, modifying settings and getting sound in and out of the computer.

Programming MIDI controllers can be a little confusing, but the manual does a good job of laying out the process.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. For tougher travel, a heavy-duty bag would be recommended. I got the PCR working with audio and midi ecirol os x