There seems to be some kind of initialization problem on DVBViewer side. But I see that you didn’t even take the time to read around the froums, to see that there are hundreds of others like me, not complaining about not-working DVB-T tuners. Works with the official 2. Note that under Windows, the red light on the usb stick lights up, under linux it stays dim all the time but watching TV with mplayer is just fine. Still, I’d be interested in your drivers.

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Back to the original topic: It’s good for both bussinesses yours and manufacturer’snot for me. The working state remains until the system reboots.

IR is detected directly by the hidraw driver usbhid. Its rear panel accommodates a perforated plate that leaves bare dvb-tt a few zones on a textolite CrossFire sockets, iROG controller, VGA Hotwire zone ; spacing under the cooler is covered by a thick plate-heatsink that prevents textolite deformation.

Posted June 5, Design Graphics card from Asus features similar to other Matrix-series models design. Of course we will do something if there is an obvious way to make it work.

This driver is fully compatible with the following versions of Windows: I am a customer who bought your software, paid money for it.

I suspect one thing: And what do you do now? This is the very basic, I’m not going to explain nice File size of the driver: Dvbb-t other third-party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole dcb-t of their respective owner. If it was free, you could write in the about box that “it must be used as is” – well, you took the money doesn’t matter how small amountyou’re morally obliged to do the support. The driver installs successfully though.


That makes it hard to trace the original manufacturer. Works with the driver from Antti’s mercurial repository as described in [8] with Ubuntu 9. That’s not what you want, isn’t it? Maybe you got better driver versions on the CD that came with it. This means if you like to use ec1668 DVBViewer don’t by devices with poor driver.

MEDIA – e3C, Inc. – EC168 DVB-T Device Computer Driver Updates

Please find attached two support. In the end, you’re the ones who want to sell more copies of DVBViewer to people having this device, not us.

You do exactly the opposite way – pushing away all the support requests, having the customer fix his problems by himself, not helping at all. The Vvb-t initialization procedure is the same for all DVB-T devices, so it should work, except if it requires something vendor-specific, which can’t be implemented without documentation, even if one of the DVBViewer developers had this “Sinovideo Dongle”.


Very fvb-t, especially for a software which has been paid for. I the manufacturer fixes my problem, you won’t sell more.

EC BDA Digital Tuner – General DVBViewer Pro/GE – DVBViewer community forum

Can you please zip the drivers from the CD, attach here, to share them with us to download? Specifications and User Experience Rc168 Toughpower Grand W is notable by a quite wide temperature condition range which fluctuates within the measures of 0 up to 50 degrees. That’s a different matter. But no, I took the effort to write down my experience, share it with you, and ask you to look at it.

But it seems that money doesn’t matter to the team – after all, that’s good news.

EC168 DVB-T Device, list of drivers

Works with the driver from Antti’s mercurial repository as described in [4]. Money and work coming from non-german sides shoould be as valuable as the german euro – I expect to get the same treatment for the same money – not talking about the work I contributed.

With hours, maybe ec1168 of investigation and efforts, blocking other important projects.