But still after I2C probing there was nothing on oscilloscope. If hwclock at the linux prompt works, your I2C bus is working. And scan is finished instantly. During boot U-boot reports I2C: Do you know what means this part of the. Anyway, exporting that function shouldn’t hurt: There is no reason why it can’t be initialised during the normal driver initialisation – which is how we do it on a number of ARM platforms.

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I2C Help Pic 18f with RTC DS1339

I’m not sure if adding yet another driver specific header is a good idea. Then I manually de-asserted it, and got llinux values in registers. Here are some facts and tryouts: I2C tools returns following:.

And scan is finished instantly. Board index All times are UTC. In device tree it is says designware-i2c. But it’s in linux-next and Linus has pulled it into his tree, so should be out soon.

[PATCH] ds driver works also with ds chip [Linux ] – Linux Kernels

It’s both conceptually wrong and actually unnecessary. Hello Tim, this is the entry for I2C in my device tree. Probably, they are linix values for the RTC, but I couldn’t find any documentation about that: I have no concrete proposal but it really sounds like a common RTC interface would be needed here – if it doesn’t exist already.


I2C tools returns following: Agreed, ds11339 I would go one step further. Therefore RTC drivers are usualy compiled in kernel.

[PATCH] ds1337 driver works also with ds1339 chip

Do you know what means this part of the. A Gossamer Threads company.

On Tue, May 10, at Here are some facts and tryouts:. Then you can write the time in seconds to that file and the alarm interrupt will occur at that time.

de1339 If so, the module will be called ds During boot U-boot reports I2C: I had to do similar thing for Ethernet controller in u-boot script, but this was to enable external PHY through gpio: Hi Tim, Thanks for your support. And regarding kernel version, I have been running 4.

Those with an ack get listed. If instead it is occurring every boot then that suggests that either the RTC isn’t holding its value no battery backup or that the content is being corrupted. No such file or directory. This driver can also be built as a module.


I will try your other recommendations and linix you know.

P & I2C RTC DS | NXP Community

In the meantime you posted reply with pre-loader liunx, and after re-compiling the pre-loader, now I can see transmission on scope, ds3139 well as:. If you try i2c probe it will list the I2C devices it can reach. I am relatively new to Linux, so any help would be much appreciated. Does anyone knows where could be the problem. Document the fact that ds driver works also with DS real-time clock chip.

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