I found the learning curve highest for keys I have to reach down to. The mouse buttons below the touchpad are just plain clunky. People often bash the m when it comes to the keyboard. However, they sacrifice the optical drive, and I needed one of those. It never gets bogged down when I am doing my work.

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The speakers provide little updare no bass, but the headphone jack will. When I first plugged in my headphones, there was a hissing sound that accompanied whatever I was hearing.

I feel that Dell has skimped a little on the overall build quality. When you turn on the computer and get past the all-black Windows XP screen, the glare disappears.

All Inspiron m machines that now ship will have this though. I was worried right when I got the laptop because the touchpad was very rough and there was too much friction insporon it and my index finger.

I understand Dell doesn’t support this model for Vista or Win7. There are other machines that are even lighter, but often those leave out the optical drive, which is a necessity for me.

If there were no extended battery option, I would not have bought this laptop nor would I recommend it to anyone. Good news, the optical drive is modular on the m, as is the way with most Inspirkn notebooks. This is the part of the review where I hang my head in disappointment.


DELL Inspiron 700M Laptop Windows XP Drivers, Applications, Updates

They go pretty loud also, to my surprise. Updafe mouse buttons below the touchpad are just plain clunky. This is not a desktop replacement style notebook. Weak battery — The standard battery is very, very weak. There are shortcuts to make the screen brighter, music louder, to power the wireless…etc. I’m assuming there is a generic drive out there, somewhere, that does the trick.

Dell Inspiron m Review (pics, specs)

This means that if you initially buy the m with just a plain DVD drive delk wish to upgrade to a DVD burner then you can just buy a DVD burner specifically made for the m from the Dell website and then switch it out with the DVD drive in there. We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks. I can’t find a video graphic driver for it.

For starters, I know this is a Windows 7 Forum. If you re on a budget and only need a basic configuration then it s even cheaper.

Dell Inspiron M Drivers Download and Update for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista

I wasn t going to use it for code development or as a delll server so it s all I needed. One of the things that make this notebook so popular is definitely the features you get for the price.


Where the build does feel a little cheap though is uldate the touchpad and mouse buttons. Weighing in at 4. The reason for that is because Synaptics has integrated some awesome features like virtual scrolling and right clicking.

Front view of Dell Inspiron m view larger image. I chose the extended one so that I can consistently get 3. It was annoying, but after I changed from the Sigmatel audio drivers to the Intel ones, it was gone! Intel Pentium M Dothan 1. I didn t try this, I ll leave it to an accidental drop to determine this estimation I make. Subjectively, the machine feels light and is very easy to carry, even with the extended, 8-cell battery, which will be discussed in greater detail later on.

Also, there are no shortcut buttons for such things as volume or DVD playback, this is so standard on notebooks today that it s surprising not to see them. Left-side view of the Inspiron m and a look at its layout view larger image.

There is a downside to this type of display.