Auto Level Click the Auto Level button to add shadow to reveal more details in an image. Other Precautions Legal and Safety During copying, some ozone is released, but the amount does not cause any ill effect to one’s health. Courier Typeface Used to denote messages or Access Turn the machine off, remove the power cord from the outlet and turn the computer off. Multiple ways of payment Choose the payment method which is most convenient for you. Maintenance 9 Maintenance Toner Container Replacement The toner container requires replacing when empty.

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Copy Setting Copies Selects the number of copies. To be able to access and use every feature of TonerPartner.

Cheap Olivetti D-Copia MF toner cartridges –

Press the release button on the left guide and slide the guides to the paper size required. Very easy even for private users. Close the Left Cover. Using the QLINK eliminates the need to manually launch the specific applications and allows you to scan a document directly to a folder on your computer.

Contrast Adjusts the range between the darkest and the lightest shades in the image. All device drivers have been fully tested. When installing software for Windows XP, if a software installation warning for an unsigned device driver is displayed, click Continue Anyway to bypass the warning and install the driver.


If, however, the machine is used over a long period of time in a poorly ventilated room or when making an extremely large number of copies, the smell may become unpleasant. At the end of warm-up, the ready screen will be displayed.

Years of experience and competence since Invert The invert command reverses the brightness and the color in the image. Page 52 Scanning Functions Using a scan You can use an existing settings file.

Olivetti d-Copia 164MF Operation Manual

Press [Copy Mode] to select the desired mode. Loading E-copia Adjust the position of the width guides located on the left and right sides of the paper cassette. Start printing after loading the Manual Feed Tray. Got it, continue to print.

Close the scan unit. If you order by 5: We suggest you consult this table to troubleshoot the problems before calling for service. Turn the machine on. Close the covers securely. The dumping of these devices at unequipped and unauthorized places may have hazardous effects on health and the environment. Replacing the Document Processor Pad After scanning approximately 50, pages through the Document Processor, the pressure pad may be worn out and you may experience problems with document feeding.


Troubleshooting Using the green handles lift the Drum Unit out of the machine. Click here for additional manufacturers. Combine Mode Copy Functions Once all of the originals have been scanned, press.

The power plug is the main isolation device!

Toner for Olivetti D-Copia MF

Page 43 Copy Functions Originals to Avoid Be sure not to use the following originals in the document processor.

Other Precautions Legal and Safety During copying, some ozone is released, but the amount does not cause any ill effect to one’s health. Copy Functions Enter the number of copies required. Always grasp d-copa power plug when removing the power cord from the outlet. Place the original face up in the Document Processor, or face down on the platen.

Avoid placing the machine on or in locations which are unstable or not level. Courier Typeface Used to denote messages or Access