Scanner Setting file deb package 2 languages. To even improve on it, the bro people would have to make it install all 3 sections: No such file or directory linux-brprinter-installer Scan-key-tool 64bit deb package 2 languages. Downloads directory as far as I know. You link worked flawlessly.

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Downloads directory should only ever be a temporary location used during download and installation. Good luck, and you came to the right place by the way to learn ubuntu! Thanks vasa1 for the excellent explanation. This is Scanner driver. Driver Install Tool 2 languages. As indicated by the ‘ ‘, I was running the command as root and still getting the error, so this was definitely not the solution to the error above.

Download the LPR and cupswrapper driver from: Scan-key-tool 64bit deb package Select your language. David Edwards 4, 3 25 Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


And far more detail is here: LPR printer driver deb package Select your language. Mark 3 4.

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This is Scanner Driver Source Codes. On my MFC 4in1 bro, it misses out on the fax stuff I’ve got it done manually. Also I can’t install the old drivers provided by Brother because they conflict with brother-lpr-drivers-extra.

I do not know when it will happen but the printer will take a job and start printing hundreds of pages with a line of garbage on it.


No such file or directory cat: I hate to ,fc-5860cn to start the windows laptop scan and then transfer to the Ubuntu desktop. I am able to scan on my DCP with standard drivers installed only with sudo previliges.

Fortunately, I knocked this scanner off my desk a month after I posted the question and had to purchase a new SANE compliant scanner. Did you try to run simple-scan with sudo sudo simple-scan? Test to see if the scanner is installed scanner need to be powered on.

Welcome to AskUbuntu – please be aware that I’d normally doc you -1 for this: Not intending to be too picky, but there is no. Scan-key-tool 64bit deb package 2 languages. If you had taken read my question, particularly what’s written under the part “so far I’ve tried”, you’d know the answer is ‘yes’.


Unfortunately you have to pay a third brther to continue using the scanner you already paid for. Your reference to the auto remove command is interesting because how does it know which files are no longer needed?

The only way I know to prevent this from happening is to brpther the printer off then on. I’ll make a note of that command for future reference.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Invalid argument sane-find-scanner produces a pipe error shown here: So far I’ve tried: Scan-key-tool 32bit deb package 2 languages. It would still print and receive faxes but refused to copy or scan. Any ideas of what is going on?