Whenever the network capability changes, the network adapter automatically detects and adjusts to the new line speed and duplex mode. There must be at least one Broadcom network adapter assigned to the team. The Auto-Fallback Disable mode feature allows the team to continue using the standby member rather than switching back to the primary member if the primary member comes back online. On the Tools menu, click Configure a Team. To work for now using Expert mode, click Expert Mode. If a gateway is configured, the test automatically sends packets to that system. If Jumbo Frames is not one of the properties listed for a selected adapter, the feature is not supported.

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A count of frames that are successfully received and are directed to a broadcast group address. This test verifies the operation of the internal CPUs in the adapter.

VLANs enable you to add multiple virtual adapters that are on different subnets. Selects Wake Up Frame as the wake-up frame and allows the network adapter to wake the system when an event such as a ping or an Address Resolution Protocol ARP request is received.

This property is not available for fiber adapters.

Click the name of the file to be restored, and then click Open. Wait for the install to complete before continuing with the next command. On the Cable Analysis tab, you can run a test to determine if you have the appropriate length of cable connected. The duplex mode nroadcom which the adapter is operating.


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MAC control frames with the pause command and a length equal to 0. When one or more of the load balance members is restored fallbackthe restored team member s resumes the handling of the traffic. If the adapter icon shows a superimposed running yellow figure, the adapter is connected and participating in the team correctly, which corresponds to an Active BASP state.

The network test sends ICMP packets to remote systems and waits for a response.

Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2: Broadcom NetXtreme® 57XX User Guide

The number of frames received with CRC errors. The subsystem vendor ID. Click Yes to remove the management applications giyabit all of its features. When team configuration has been correctly performed, a virtual team adapter driver is created for each configured team. If you delete a team, any VLANs configured for that team are also deleted.

The indicator is green if a link is established. Whenever the network capability changes, the network adapter automatically detects and adjusts to the new line speed and duplex mode.

A count of directed data frames that are successfully received. This is the network speed when the system is in a standby mode awaiting a wake-up frame.

802.1q support for broadcom netxtreme 57xx gigabit controller

Statistical information and coverage are more comprehensive for Broadcom adapters. The benefit of this approach is that it enables load balancing and failover. These tests verify that the NDIS driver is able to send packets to and receive packets from the adapter. This test verifies the read and write capabilities of the registers of the physical layer PHY. The minimum difference in MHz between the measured frequency of the cable pair and iggabit maximum frequency specified in IEEE Btoadcom the link partner is not correctly configured for IEEE Frames Tx with more than one Collision.


If you want to always use Expert mode to create a team, select the Default to Expert Mode check box. If you want to always use Expert Mode to create a team, select the Default to Expert Mode check box, and then click Next. To view the BASP statistics for the team as a whole, click the name of the team.

VLANs can only be created when all teams members are Broadcom adapters. The number assigned to the adapter by the operating system. Removing Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2.