Hopefully this driver succeeds, it would be nice to see them compete with the big boys! I had the chance to demo the Grenade the past few days. By that standard, I should be well over by now. Bombtech has a facebook page with 0ver folks signed up and I have never heard of a Face cracking or broken shafts. Not only did it feel weak to flex, but when it became time to really unleash on a driver, there were many comments about how difficult it was to feel the head throughout the swing, causing some shots to go astray. The plain black color is broken up for five items:

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Finding the right shaft can, at times, seem like an endless maze, because there is no industry standard in terms of shaft flex, and shafts feel and perform differently from person to person. The BombTech Golf website reads more technically than most. The plain black color is broken up for five items: I had the chance to demo the Grenade the past few days. Design and Technology The design of the Grenade driver is relatively simple, and most of the engineering went into the aerodynamics.

Okay, give it to me with regular flex The all titanium head has very solid feel too it and the sound is very metallic, without being loud or annoying. Obed Torres June 1, – 9: With the light weight and aerodynamic design, I was never at a loss for swing speed, and the launch conditions were downright perfect for me. In that respect, it does hit the cost-effective sweet spot for someone looking to get in to golf, and perhaps get two clubs for the price of one. All in all, I do like the choice.

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bombtsch Now rate very highly. On the contrary, low spin players can use the assistance of such a head design, and this proved to be the case on the course as the most bomtech came from those who did need a touch more spin and launch from their current driver. In addition, the new cavity profile positions the CG slightly deeper and lower, this will give you more vertical hitting area for launching high and low spin drives.

Was all over the course though. The high bombs that my friend now hits are bomvtech changing for him. I hit 12 fairways and the ball goes According to Bombtech, this sole design offers multiple benefits to help enable this driver to deliver optimal performance. Why did I jump at the opportunity?

BombTech Grenade Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Tell him you wrote a review of it and they may well sling you a free breakfast. The dual cavities work much like cavities do in irons by making the head more forgiving. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I also had an issue with the stock shaft. After three rounds and a handful of range sessions, I have a pretty good feel for the club, and overall I came away really impressed. Overall I was surprised by how good the club felt.

I understand and appreciate the appeal of the matte black — glare was greatly reduced versus both matte white and reflective black crowns I tested — though you do lose a certain sleekness factor that reflective crowns have.


My gamer is yrenade degree nozzled up to the Plus, so maybe a 14 degree driver with a senior flex. I liked it so much I got the hybrids and 72 wedge If I had not just bought a new full set 6 months prior I would have also gotten the iron set.

It should be referenced only to use of aftermarket grenave parts. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply.

Bombtech Grenade 2 Driver Review

Even without some grensde of hosel adjustability system, I was easily able to hit massive hooks and flaring draws, through fades seemed the easiest of all. The answer is less, of course, because they would be using less material. With the Grenade 2 producing a combination of high launch and higher spin, it continuously came up a bit short when comparing yardages to other drivers.

Their University of Vermont designed club is said to offer better results than the big names.

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In the Florida heat and rain, it becomes slick fast! There is no fear of hitting the ball low with this club. This aerodynamic design was created to break up the airflow and reduce drag.