This will bring up the New Data Source dialog. Below I have mentioned the procedures that I have followed to deploy the report. Now, we will create another group section and group on the component name. Expand the zip file into a convenient location. After you complete this click on the Test Connection button to see if the connection is successful.

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Next we’ll create a new BIRT report in the project we just created.

To help make the report easier to read and to support the totals that we will eventually calculate, will will need to create some grouping sections. Now we’re ready to design the report layout.


When using MySQL stored procs as a datasource, you may want to pass a parameter from the report to the stored proc, to do this, from the Data Explorer Pane, right click:. We will choose 8 columns and 1 detail row.

Payments made by customers against their account Products: This zip also has documentation and logos for the sample database. Download the zip file containing the MySQL database scripts.


In our example, we supply a group name of ProductGroup and specify the product column as the column to group on. Below is my final report after formatting. Text is available under the Creative Commons 4. Orders placed by customers Order Details: Now we will create another group section total for Product. This is something bitt BIRT reporting tool.

Edit Settings formerly Global Properties from platform 1.

We will start by dragging a Table control to the report. Vifwer, we do not need to repeat the data in the detail section, so we delete it. It was designed to illustrate many of the features of the BIRT report designer. Software is available under the Mozilla Public License 2.

Integrate the BIRT Viewer with Java and Java EE web applications

A t tachments 0 Page History. The list of scale model cars Product Lines: But when I run a custom report which connecting to MySql im getting this error. Have you implemented OpenMRS? In addition to rendering the reports in various formats, this sample viewer also provides other useful features:. Let’s preview bjrt results so far by clicking on the Preview tab at the bottom of the report design.


Below I have mentioned the procedures that I have followed to deploy the report. I can run BIRT default report as well. The schema is for Classic Models, a retailer of scale models of classic cars. In the Expression Builder create the desired display using the product data column and the Count aggregate function as we did earlier mywql our component group totals.

Please help with this. Apart from rendering the report, the client also needed to export the report in different formats, such as PDF or Excel. Dominique 3, 1 10 Now it’s up to you to apply the formatting you’d like to achieve your desired look.

Subscribe me to comment notifications. When we are done our report will look like the following.