I will update this to report if all of this works as I expect. Could one dock this one to an external screen and a high end tablet while working? I don’t think there is another slate like with a real Wacom screen on the market. It’s darn near a cintiq minus pressure scale 12 inch display and X rez – that is cintiq 12wx size and resolution only portable, although short battery life puts a damper on things. Ergonomics of hardware are very good.

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This wacomm why i want windows, so i can shoot easily to the asus ep121 wacom and even control the camera using remote DSLR software. Michael Firstlight’s gear list: Whether in landscape or portrait view, asus ep121 wacom Eee Slate allows you to share movies, videos, photos, or whatever’s on screen with those around you on its large high resolution wide view screen.

It’s only a little bit bigger in every dimension, which is a good thing at least with the screen size. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of asus ep121 wacom respective companies.

New Stylus Pen for EP121? Anywhere?

I won’t give it out of my hands anymore. It really performs nicely and the more I use it the more I’m liking it.

Mankind is waiting far too long for the device you are preaching. I think I’ll pass. That’s a bit of an oversight.


Does the Asus feel more portable, like the ipad? The EP’s screen, while it doesn’t go edge to edge, is still amazing in terms of asus ep121 wacom, color, touch and sensitivity.

Have you tried using it docked to an external screen and tablet? Personally I find it asus ep121 wacom anyway – neither windows 7 nor any of the applications I use are adequately designed to make use of it, especially on small tablet pc screens – of course other people may work in such a way that it is asus ep121 wacom – I’d like to hear about the experience of anyone that does.

I think it would be capable of doing light graphics work. However, whether this new one has more – I don’t know. It rp121 a big difference that you are Canadian.

CGTalk – Asus slate tablets with wacom pen announced.

The best instant cameras. Jie, that sure is sexy! At asus ep121 wacom I was like. The only thing I might like is a wider color gamut, but maybe it isn’t such a big deal. They do have a gb SSD so that is pretty good. I’ve installed a pen gesture system call “stroke it” that I like for sketchbook pro. I remember looking at the ep when it first came out but i asus ep121 wacom get past the 64gb hard drive.


Eee Slate EP | Tablets | ASUS Global

Can we expect price drop asus ep121 wacom Cintiq 21′ It’s such a great idea to build an additional battery into the keyboard. Hmmmm, d’oh I just bought my ipad!! Wacom used to sell one that was specifically for penabled tablet screens off of their website, but it doesn’t seem to be on there anymore.

Compared to other brands, it comes with very little crapware pre-installed. So, Amazon finally managed to stock enough units to ship one my asus ep121 wacom after having it on back order for about a month.

This is far more important than poligon pushing as nobody will use it for maya or such anyways. I’d love to asus ep121 wacom how well it really runs CS Asus ep121 wacom Posted by Mossi.

I also use it in the studio to shoot tethered so I can show the model what her pose looks like and I can check exposure on a big screen accuratley the back of the camera is woefully indaqate for us RAW shooters. Ergonomics of hardware are very good. Touch screen is very excellent with finger or pen.