Press [Tab] to enter setup, then delete all of the existing arrays. If so, you have to reformat it to get it to work properly. Now that I have this guide I can slipstream the install process with nlite. I have a USB keyboard. Usually it requires reselecting 1st drive to maxtor and saving changes. Skoop Moderator et Subscriptor Registered:

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It’s not clear whether you are trying to install Windows or if it’s already installed. Setup loaded some files, then asked the F6 question.

Time and Time Again.

Install SATA hdd on ASUS A8V Deluxe Motherboard

If you could successfully build up the Array s at that level then the most important has been done, the next step being the installation of windows by using F6 to install the needed Promise controller v1. If I use either Promise port with Raid enabled, the systems searches for a long time, then says it can’t find anything. Thank you so much for your time! Tue Nov 02, 5: Here is what I assume but it’s merely an assumption because I did NOT try it out and thus it’s mainly based on theoretical level, knowing that in IT matters there is only one truth: I JUST got this thing purring smoothly – with your help: The only one that was still ok was my drive C which is fine but the other two seemed to have dropped off cpmpletely.


When you boot win98 install cd there is no option to press F6 install additional drivers like there is with winXP.

Tue Oct 26, 8: This whole event has inspired me to start looking at building a new beast from the motherboard up Insert the floppy disk you created earlier, and load the first driver on the list.

I return so much stuff to them after awhile. Fri Nov asuus, 7: Skoop, thanks, I’ll try the drive listening trick, probably Thursday or Friday my days off Wish I had an engine stethescope over here, may try the old screwdriver trick put one end of a long screwdriver or metal rod on the engine block, put the other end firmly next to your rraid, it always worked for isolating bearings and tappets, may work for hard drives?

Jan 15, Posts: Customize The Tech Report Originally Posted by Tang69 My God! A8R-MVP sli crossfire Problem The os is set up fine,on maxtor gb sata2 System occasionally cant find os On investigation mobo has reverted to the wd hdd ide as primary boot device.

Help!, my new Asus A8V won’t recognize my 1 SATA drive

Originally Posted by BlueDragon Hi heartsy, As I have been spending a couple of nights trying to make this bloody A8V Deluxe board to work with 4 HDD’s the way I wanted it and due to the fact that I finally could succeed thanks to a post in this forum https: I have been studying a little the BAD!! I do not need or want any kind of RAID, i just want the computer to recognise the new disks!


If I disable my EIDE windows installed drive and try installing windows on the SATA drive, I get the F6 prompt, push F6, nothing happens, and the windows installation eventually quits, saying no drive is present on my system.

When my computer is starting up sometimes when the sata screen is testing my computer it sees the drive but never when i go into the bios settings do i see the hard drive please help. I disconnected all other hard drives.

I’ve tried swapping out the power and data cables on the drive, still nothing. Set up your Array: Have you tried a new ribbon cable? Let Windows setup the partition and install: Typically fdisk was used to add partitions, etc. Va have seen the light! So apparently they selectively included drivers.

Via Raid Configurations – Asus A8V Deluxe User Manual [Page ]

Also, are you using a USB raaid I seem to have lost two onboard Sata discs, my PC crashed and when it came back I had lost both of them.

Same goes to a lesser extent for the SATA power connectors.