The keyboard is very pleasent. This model is not exactly dirt cheap but value for money in my opinion, considering its specs and build quality. The high-speed keys for adjusting the volume, display brightness etc. It is a favorable notebook made by Asus with good features and attractive performance data. The arrangement of the interfaces is quite favorable , too. However, it is a great product for students, casual-hardcore gamers, and power users. The battery performance is nothing to shout about at all.

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And I like the ASUS screensaver, it makes use of the sounds, animation and even the webcam to conjure a cool effect.

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The interface equipment of the Asus A6J can be called complete. Even the ASUS logo looks classy, and all the buttons, touchpad etc are very well made and fitted.

It is a favorable notebook made by Asus with good features and attractive performance data.

All over, the display is pleasantbut a slight instability of the viewing angles, particularly a somewhat weak brightness as well as the mirroring reduces the pleasure somewhat. Nevertheless, the surface does not seem to be particularly scratch-proof. The display cover in the left lower area is likewise somewhat wobbly. The stability of usn angles is good in the horizontal range and sufficient in the vertical range. First, the Super PI 2m digits result.


Rarely you find 4 USB of 2. One of the pull factors for me. It gets rather hot after extended use, especially near the right palm rest area, where I think the harddisk is located. Visit our network of sites: In the test of susceptibility for creation of streaks the level 6 could be achieved in the program Pixperan, and thereby is inconspicuously average.

The position of uusb speakers is open to argument, they are located on either side at the front-bottom of the notebook. Of course, there is the original Windows XP home as well. udb

Generally the A6J is not one for the long road, unless you have another battery or two to spare. A media player with an interface would be so much better, but I cannot complain with this bonus addition. The convenience ysb a webcam may be useful for some, as it really beats having another item to carry.

The Power4Gear which allows customization of power profiles and quick change of profiles and LiveUpdate uusb updates your default notebook software are fine though, performing as they should.

ASUS A6Jc Free Driver Download (Official)

The redemption factor is that there is a separation between the ports, so there is a fair ease of multiple use. If you can overlook all the mentioned disadvantages as I have, I would fully and sincerely recommend this ssus.

The keyboard is great to use in my opinion. My verdict is that while it does sound pretty good and the 3D effect gizmo impressed me a bit, the speakers are still laptop speakers at heart, a little tinny and unimposing.


The mAh lithium ions battery only results in average runtimes.

Even the eject button on this drive feels pretty good. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. I cannot be more pleased.

It is ok for me though, perhaps because I live in the tropical area where it is hot anyways. Also, the Fn key on the left is on the left axus the left Ctrl button, which FPS gamers may not be used to initially. Touchpad can be easily disabled if you use a mouse and the Power button is for, well powering your notebook on and off.

The workmanship of the notebook shows a slight lack of quality. The buttons look and feel great, and are stiff which I like as usual.

I have yet to try out the customer support, and am hoping that I would not need them! It aa6j sports a scroll at the side of the touchpad, easy and convenient to use yet does not hinder normal use of the pad. Be prepared to fork out extra for a better carrier.