Posted August 9, The 6 MB L3 cache also remains the same. Also the bandwith is a big problem of this new design. The parallels to the model continue here. Check out this article it might help.

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The touchpad was 83 degrees, the G and H keys were 81, and the underside was With the M14x, Alienware has once again assembled a battalion’s worth of hardware inside a stylish chassis. At 10 degrees above or below head-on viewing, contrast starts to shift and becomes quite prominent beyond 45 degrees.

Its impossible to run faster. The M14x R2 is no exception here and will light up colorfully and brightly alienare an amusement park if one so desires. In regards to all further interfaces and information about them, we want to reiterate our reference to our review of the first M14x.

M14x R2 USB Mass Storage Devices – Alienware M14x / AW 14 – Tech|Inferno Forums

A non-reflective alternative was already lacking on the first M14x model and the customer must continue to accept reflections unless they carefully choose a shady place without background lighting. These costs appear exaggerated in comparison to other vendors. Please review Alienware’s official YouTube channel before asking how to work on your laptop or desktop!

Various Alienware programs allow the user to set lighting, back up data, or modify power savings profiles. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.


m14x USB 3.0

We tip our hat to Dell as this is rare these days. The standard layout will save one from having to familiarize oneself with the keyboard.

New, however, are dark chrome accents above each eye that 3.0 give the impression of eyebrows; combined with the softer angles, the front of the M14x looks less like a Camaro than an alien. The sound system including a mini sub woofer. Overall, the case shows no visible changes from its predecessor. On the M14x, we observed udb average frame rate of fps with maximum details and a x resolution. If the device is a USB 3.

Alienware M14x R2 Review

Sign In Sign Up. Like its larger and smaller siblings, this alenware has many of the features Alienware is known for–powerful graphics, snazzy design, a multicolored backlit keyboard, and neat extras such as built-in Wireless HD.

While you can get the same specs in a larger inch notebook such as the Dell XPS 17, it’s pretty fantastic that you can enjoy quad-core power and very high frame rates on the go.

If you wish, the M14x alienwsre up at night. Taking a look at the bottom. Alienware homepage Alienware notebook section.

No, create an account now. Alienware’s official Support Forum. Aside from high noise levels under load, we could hardly find any deciding points of critique.

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Important Information By using this site, you agree alienwarre our Terms of Use. Tweet support Alienwaretech on Twitter. While you probably won’t hear this rig over gaming explosions, it was very noticeable in a quiet room.

The M14x follows the same pattern as all other Alienware notebooks; the lid has a ridged design with the Alienware logo in the middle, and the front edge is angled outward, with two backlit honeycomb “eyes” on either side.

Alienware M14x R2 Review – Reviews

As pointed out above, the online configurator offers a multitude of different storage options. Because the transmitter beams audio as well, we were able sub output that to our stereo, which gave even more depth and volume to explosions and music.

Configuration of backlight via pre-installed software. Please email awsocialmedia dell. After a few months of growing temporary files and such, users are going to run into space alienwarf.

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