You can, but the ring is quite tight and can only easily be turned with a pointy implement stuck into one of the scallops around its edge. But, if you ask me, the low light limit is set rather too high. Here’s a by PenCam shot of the same scene click to see the original. Like the software that comes with most cheap webcams, the Aiptek driver saves video clips as AVIs, without much compression – though they’re not the gigantic raw-data files you often get. It’s a pretty basic video editing package, but it’s still more than adequate for editing anything you’re going to make with the PenCam.

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In untethered mode, it just won’t take a picture if it doesn’t aiptek pencam there’s enough light. You only get one to two weeks of untethered battery life out of a pair of alkalines.

Aiptek pencam have to forget about expandable memory. And a rather bizarre four-by-four-pixel mode that seems to just aiphek there to point out to the user that you can set your own arbitrary resolutions – if you want 64 by 48 for some reason, go ahead and type the aiptek pencam into the boxes and that’s what you’ll get.

A quirky, but not awful, product, that’s what.

aiptek pencam It’s good enough, for aiptek pencam shots. Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs. If you’re happy with the quality of the PenCam images and like its ultra-small form factor, you’ll enjoy it. The camera starts up in aiptsk high res mode “Hr” on the little displayand pressing the mode switch next to the viewfinder cycles through the rest of the modes.

Aiptek pencam you want to shoot video clips on the move, you use Continuous mode. Give Dan some money! This goes for the self-timer mode as well, by the way – you can activate that mode and set yourself up to be photographed, and then just hear the low beep that tells you to try again, this time with a lamp pointed your way.


You’ll want to use aiptek pencam other program to save them in a more compressed format if you take a significant number of pictures.

Aiptek VGA PenCam Trio

The preview panel in the driver software’s too small aiptek pencam see anything but aiptek pencam gross focus problem, so you aipfek to shoot a by image and then look at it, then tweak the lens, then look again One day, there’ll be a digital camera that costs no more than a “consumer” film camera and delivers similar picture quality. For pretty pictures, though, I’d save up for an Astracam if I were you. They’re transferred as aiptek pencam separate frames. You can transfer 26 high res pictures pencma aiptek pencam camera in about 17 seconds, which is what you’d expect for USB transfer of 8Mb of data.

You’ll note that the top image and the third one down both have the same framing, and all the others aiptek pencam just chunks out of one of the ones above them. In continuous-video webcam mode, tethered to the penczm, the PenCam works like any other ordinary Video For Windows input device.

Aiptek PenCam Trio HD Specs – CNET

The cheap digital still camera is something of a technological Holy Aiptek pencam. At a glance, it looks the aiptek pencam as the older PenCam, but it has a by maximum resolution, against the by resolution of the older model. You can’t possibly include an on-camera image display. The albums are just ordinary directories, not some fancy proprietary thing.

The framing’s off because I didn’t compensate prncam for the offset viewfinder – there’s no framing guide at all in the viewfinder, but it’s very bright and clear, at least. Now, here’s an excerpt from a by picture of the same aiptek pencam click for aiptek pencam full image.

Last Drivers  WNDA3100 DRIVER

An outdoor scene, photographed with my Olympus. Which it didn’t, once I turned off the extra lights and went back to just the ceiling fixture. The “Pen” part of pendam PenCam’s name is only slightly misleading. Along with the driver, you get Ulead Photo Express 3, a perfectly OK home user pseudo-desktop-publishing package aipteek doing simple image manipulation, and putting your pictures on greeting cards or calendars or what have you, or automatically creating HTML pages aiptek pencam the images on ’em, ready to be copied to a Web site.

Aiptek pencam you want to save the pictures as a video clip, you aiptek pencam make aiptek pencam out of them using the Manager software.

The tiny lens has a good depth of field, so pebcam aiptek pencam have aiptek pencam be too anal about focussing, but there is absolutely no way to tell whether your focus is right or not without taking a picture and reviewing it. Like the software that comes with most cheap webcams, the Aiptek driver saves video clips as AVIs, without much compression – though they’re not the gigantic raw-data files you often get. Since Continuous is always the first mode you get when you press the mode button, you can aiptek pencam one picture any time by pressing the mode button aiptek pencam and then tapping the shutter button, giving the PenCam time to grab only one continuous-mode frame.

It’s mm high by 32mm wide by 23mm deep at its largest points 4.