We all know that distance trumps feel and sound for the majority of us so it was tougher then you think to choose the winner. Not much of a comparison. The rounder head makes way for the player to be able to work the ball in the direction you choose, as long as you choose high draw or high fade. Workability with the Dymo is right on with what Nike promises. I hate to say it, but I have some stigma against playing Nike.

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The Dyom feels great but major loss in distance for many of them. I prefer the look of the Taylormade r9 over the Nike and also the sound at impact. But when they put the graphite shaft on them they really performed well for me. As I have stated above I am more of a golf traditionalist and have scoffed many, many times at the mere mention of a square driver.

Nike SQ DYMO 10.5* Driver Regular

I actually competed in the World Long Drive Finals and other long drive competitions for a few years…so I have had the unique opportunity to test about every sasquatcu and shaft combo you can think of.

So i recammend getting a knew shaft. It seemed the best and I liked the adjustability so I bought it and a 3 wood to match for the same price as a niie G15 or similar. Then, I adjusted the club head back to 1-degree closed and now to the neutral position, as my swing mechanics have improved. Ronald Montesano 9 years ago. Well, this is one interesting way to advertise your equipment.


Every year the club manufacturers flood the market with the next best thing that, without even a little effort or practicepromises to instantly drop five strokes off your game. At least nobody ever stared dyom me on the range.

Nike SQ DYMO Driver range | Today’s Golfer

The manual isnt really necessary as it is pretty straightfoward, but nowadays things need to be dumbed down for the masses. The buddy I was playing with said it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen…I went from fading to drawing with one adjustment! I strongly believe that from the hike aspect the R9 got the short end of the stick in your test. The R9 fairway wood, though, is something else.

Very good at going straight. I am a high-swing-speed player and I hit the golf ball a long way though unfortunately not as straight as I would like.

Nike SQ DYMO Driver Degree Graphite UST Axivcore Regular Flex a | eBay

I know not to mess with you. Up to that point, the Nike was on the right and the Taylor on the left. Navig8r 9 years ago. I hit the Dymo just as far or farther than my own driver.

I tried them both and liked the look and sawquatch of the round one A LOT better. Regardless of the model, the face presents a fairly clean look with a grooveless sweet spot. There is no special club out there that will instantly fling open the doors to Scratchville and invite the fymo player to come on in.


Leave a 22009 Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Nike seems to have read my mind and improved on their drivers in virtually every way they could have to me. All of my woods, hybrids and golf balls are Nike. This was an easy one for us. So good that it looks to make it into my bag for this season. Maybe I need some couch time to sort out my Nike Golf issues. One more vote for R9.

On the dymo2 driver which is no different to my driver is less loud on the impact sound and the colour is just just a dull comparred to my driver which is a bright yellow colour that i love. Let someone else pay that licensing and royalty fee. That added distance is largely the result of the extra inch and a half shaft in the Nike. And out came what I believe sasquagch be the best product I have seen Nike put out to date.

This is one of the straightest drivers I have ever hit.