109E 036E DRIVER

Bt rev 17 at Matt Zimmerman mdz on The hack that resolves the problem involves commenting out 6 lines in bt The sound card may well have the relevant capture channels muted or the volume turned off. Possible also need patch from http:

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I’m very limited when use Ubuntu 8.

Bug # “Can’t load kernel via deadloop bug in bttv module” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. The only exception, detailed below, is that I’ve not been able to pull the audio directly off the card and have to use a patch cable. Bt8xx card found 0. Some voltage reference or other variable is missing from the bttv or btaudio driver.

Or at least in the right neighborhood.

Jan 21, Posts: Bt8xx card found 0 “. This bug report is a duplicate of: Emanuel Steen kozz wrote on I’m try recommendations from http: I may need to hack 06e drivers to change the filenames or see if I can make them dependent on a certain revision of the hardware.

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Upon start it does however break the radio if I have it running. Hmm, it seems to be working now but 036d actually don’t know what solved it. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. The second of the two devices on the PCI bus — the audio capture devices 036 means that it is technically possible to get the audio straight off the PCI bus.

The Audigy2 Value, card, for instance, just needs.

See full activity log. Except they’re not and they don’t. Without option “quiet splash” kernel print:. Can’t load kernel via deadloop bug in bttv module Bug reported by troosh on This may sound counterintuitive, if you already hear the sound through your sound card 0366e your speakers, but you need to activate a different channel to capture.

Analog capture can be made to work, but the card needs to be initialized by a Win98 driver. In his experience, only this. Also if I first starts kopete and then tries to set the frequency on the radio all I get is noise.

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Anyway, I have tested with 2. Email me about changes to this bug report.

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Bt rev 17 at To post a comment you must log in. Kernel version has no bearing on the matter. Also, I’m working on a small radio tuner myself with might have misconfigured the card a bit. Might be a combination of several things.

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Is there any known solution to get them both working? Matt Zimmerman mdz on The card seems to load just fine.

Or need only install to hard disk? Both radio and tv works, audio with tv too.